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High Performance Orbital Carpet Cleaner For Deep Cleaning

High Performance Orbital Carpet Cleaner For Deep Cleaning

When it comes to deep cleaning a hard floor covered in a buildup of dirt, it could be a strenuous task especially if you are planning to do it manually (i.e. Mop & Bucket or Scrubber-Dryer). Considering all the preparations, hard work, elbow greasing, time taken for deep cleaning when done without a machine, Crescent Industrial has come with a one stop solution. The high performance oscillating orbital floor cleaner is the most efficient equipment for deep cleaning. This EX43-OCS industrial cleaning machine is a combination of rotation and eccentric movement. It is undoubtedly the best option for both hard as well as soft floor cleaning.

Benefits of EX43-OCS Orbital Floor Cleaner:

It is an effective cleaning machine which is also called a high performance orbital carpet cleaner. Having been credited as innovative floor preparation machine, it has several advantages:

Easy to use:  It is simple and very easy to handle by letting you move it in almost any direction in a seamless manner.

Highly durable: Made of fully blasted stainless steel, extra heavy rubbers this floor cleaner is definitely quite enduring.

Multiple uses: The versatility of this machine allows you to use it in multiple ways i.e. cleaning, striping & polishing, renovating & preparing, removing paints etc.

Excellent results: The before and after cleaning comparison of the floor shows significant results with EX43-OCS.

Chemical Free: This machine can also be used without any chemical and just water and the magical floor cleaning pad, giving you the ultimate cleaning results.

Crescent Industrial is a renowned seller, rental provider for industrial cleaning equipment in UK. Our performance oriented orbital hard floor deep clean scrubbing machines are the No.1 absolute problem solver, even when cleaning off years and years of dirt off a hard floor. It produces considerably better results even in the shortest time of being used. We have experts who can advise you on picking up the most suitable equipment for your industry. Do not hesitate to call us for any query. Contact us today!