All Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines
Available for Hire and Purchase

UK Nationwide Delivery on All
Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Full Maintenance, Servicing and
Breakdown Support on All Equipment

All Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines
Available for Hire and Purchase

UK Nationwide Delivery on All
Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Full Maintenance, Servicing and
Breakdown Support on All Equipment

All Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines
Available for Hire and Purchase

UK Nationwide Delivery on All
Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Full Maintenance, Servicing and
Breakdown Support on All Equipment

Industrial Floor Cleaner Equipment Long Term Hire

Crescent Industrial offers a comprehensive range of industrial floor cleaner equipment to cater to your needs, whatever the application. We offer all our cleaning equipment range out on Long Term Hire (Min. of 12 months), which is offered on all our range of cleaning machines, including floor sweepers, scrubber-dryers and industrial vacuum cleaner hire.

We offer all our clients a contract hire agreement, which includes replacement parts cover, breakdown response and replacement machine when required.

Contract hire is available on any cleaning equipment from our extensive range. Long Term Hire is offered from 12 months and more. For Short Term Hire (1+ week), contact us for details.

Industrial Floor Cleaner

With over 17 years experience in hire and having provided service support for decades, our focus is on getting the right machine for your task on hire, on-site, on time so you can get cleaning where and when you need to.

Our new machine range is focused on cleaning in challenging industrial environments and performance-driven applications.

Delivering long term value, ongoing support and consistently impressive cleaning results is at the heart of our philosophy. That’s why we offer our clients operator training, long term preventative maintenance plans, fast and efficient parts supply chain, a uniquely flexible approach to finance and much more.

Included in our focus is an integrated approach to safeguarding the environments. Energy-efficient equipment utilising more eco-compatible material, using less detergent and generating less noise provides a real contribution to an eco-sustainable world.

The Advantage of LTH (Long-Term Hire) from Crescent:

• All Technical Support available online 24/7
• Instant Support available during business hours
• Full-Service Reports carried out
• Low cost call out charges
• Low-cost labour charges
• Fast call-out/response time
• Full-Service Contract agreed and supplied throughout the duration of the rental period.

Our rental solutions give you access to other more specialised cleaning equipment whenever you need to use them on a temporary basis, including scrubber-dryers, sweepers, atex vacuum cleaners and accessories. Our comprehensive range allows small and large organisations to put together their very own well-run fleet.

Crescent Industrial will always be available to provide you with help and guidance every step of the way, from the moment you make your rental inquiry, throughout your individually arranged rental period, right up until you return your machinery. We are proud to become your partner, that you can rely on before, during and after we provide you with the perfect rental solution to suit your requirements.

Before the Hire


We are as close a phone call away and with our national network, we are never far from your business. Our trained hire-desk operatives will quickly and accurately assess your needs and provide you with the best solution. Alternatively, you can view the products online, and request the hire by filling in the form on the product page, saving you time!


To maintain a high level of expertise and customer service, our hire-desk operatives are regularly trained to understand the cleaning and hygiene needs for the workforce of your business workplace. Each industry has it’s own regulations, and that is where we can help you, as we understand your industry, we also can understand your needs, and that’s how we are No.1 for bringing you a solution!


Our fleet is fully dedicated to long-term rental and ready to handle your needs. For specialist pieces of equipment, the Crescent network can support you with our vast fleet available throughout the British Isles.


From a minimum of 12 months to 12 years, it’s up to you to choose your hire period.

During the Hire


Our machines can be in operation on your site as soon as they are delivered. Our dedicated transport will ensure that the equipment is delivered to you exactly when you need it, and quick demonstrations are available on delivery to ensure efficient cleaning straight away.


Our industrial floor cleaning machines are fully maintained by our own national service team. Before delivery, each machine must under-go and pass a workshop inspection to comply with our set standards, legal and safety requirements.


If your application or needs change during the hire, we can deliver another machine to fit your new requirements. You may return the floor cleaning machine at any time, extend the duration, or switch to another machine.


If you require any additional assistance we are only a phone call away, and our hire desk personnel are always standing by ready to help.

After the Hire


We keep our promises. What we quote is what we invoice, with no hidden costs. At a price, you can afford.


We know it’s easy to be drowned by messages and paperwork. Therefore we reduce the administrative side to a minimum and make invoicing as simple and easy as possible.


Because the best way to improve our service is to learn from your experience and advice, we conduct satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. We are always glad to listen to your feedback!

The Advantages Of Our Rental Solutions From Crescent:

• Diversity: The biggest long-term rental fleet.
• Proximity: Extensive rental service network across the UK.
• Flexibility: Freedom to choose a rental period of between one year or more.
• Transportation: Delivery and collection service for rental equipment provided by Crescent Industrial on request.
• Service support: Support from the hire help-desk and the service team whenever and wherever you need it.
• Accessories: A wide range of spare, brushes, accessories, attachments, batteries and chargers.
• Assistance: Training opportunities for operators.
• Rent-to-own: A straightforward way of trying out a machine before you buy it by renting first.
• Contracts: Long-Term Hire Service Contracts are set up to ensure the machine is regularly serviced and kept in good working order.