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About Crescent Industrial

Crescent Industrial is a dynamic and growing company supplying quality floor cleaning equipment to industry sectors including manufacturing, cleaning contractors, facilities managers, distribution and construction. We aim to develop long lasting business relationships through building on a strong corporate foundation which defines our missions and values.

The Crescent Story

The origins of Crescent Industrial go back to 1975 when, what was a family business began providing electrical and mechanical services for machinery and buildings. Having become established in delivering excellence in support, progression in the mid 1990’s at Crescent meant a shift in focus to sales, hire and maintenance of cleaning equipment, specialising in scrubber-dryers and sweepers. As expansion continued into the new millennium, dedicated focus areas were developed within Crescent Industrial to better structure the business around our customers’ industry requirements. These focus areas are:

  • cleanline – New cleaning machines
  • protex – Atex compliant cleaning machines
  • twotech – 2nd life cleaning machines
  • hifive – Cleaning machines for hire and lease
  • mechaid – Spares and maintenance support
  • roughnecks – Chemical and brushware for cleaning machines

2018 Today Crescent Industrial’s ongoing commitment to long-term customer benefit promises continued expansion and development. We hope our new website brings innovative, powerful products and service support closer to you.

Our Mission

    • To support what is equitable and to care for our clients’ interests in a profitable manner.
    • To contribute to the well-being of others in a sustainable way and to facilitate improved conditions for our customers and our staff.

To do this we develop and deliver innovative solutions which help businesses create a safer, cleaner work place environment to protect their employees and maximise productivity. We help our clients focus on their core business activities by delivering a consistently speedy, straightforward, refreshingly different customer experience.

Our Values

    • Integrity: Justify people’s respect and trust in us by delivering on our commitments and consistently behaving according to our values and principles.
    • Quality: Develop durable, long lasting business relationships by providing products and services distinguished by our hallmark of excellence.
    • Growth: Strive to progressively develop processes and promote innovation through continuous improvement and responsible care of resources.
    • Teamwork: Bring big goals within reach and produce a greater collective result with all achieving more through a broad and positive outlook, enhanced cooperation and effective task fulfillment.

Our high standards of quality and service is recognised and accredited by a number of organisations including:

QAS 9001QAS 14001QAS 45001
Contact us to find out more about us and how we can help you.