Robotic Floor Cleaners - Sweeper or Scrubber-Dryer

Looking for industrial robot floor cleaners? Crescent Industrial specialise in finding the ideal autonomous cleaning machine for industry: warehousing, manufacturing, cleanrooms, construction – anywhere where the floors need cleaning regularly. Read our 7 Factors when choosing robot floor cleaners blog for ideas on what to look for, or contact the team at Crescent.

Industrial Robot Vacuums

Sweeping and vacuuming automatically saves time and reduces human fatigue or danger in many situations. Shown here are popular models of sweeper vacuum robots, designed for commercial situations, for hire or purchase. Speak with the Crescent team for a demonstration or a site assessment, finding you the perfect robotic floor sweeper vacuum.

Industrial Robot Scrubber Dryers

Designed to clean large areas of hard floors without an operator, robotic scrubber dryers from Crescent combine the latest self-driving logic with powerful floor cleaning performance. Fully automated including charging, filling with clean water and emptying of waste water, Crescent offer machines for hire or sale and full service support across the UK.

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