Industrial Floor Scrubber - Scrubber-Dryer Machines

We have a range of Nilfisk and Kodiak industrial floor scrubber machines to hire or buy that stand out for their cleaning reliability, ease of use, speed, and performance. You can easily scrub and dry floors with one commercial walk behind floor scrubber machine to reduce the time and the costs of scrubber dryer hire. From compact walk behind scrubber dryers for tight spaces to our ride on floor scrubber and robot floor cleaner, we have the right machine for hire or purchase and you can see many of them on our demonstration videos here.

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More and more warehouse managers and cleaning contractors looking after rail stations, schools, and shopping precincts are looking for ultra-rugged floor scrubbers like those made by Nilfisk and Kodiak. With our range you can rent or purchase according to what suits your needs best.