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A clean superstore means increased customer spend & improved staff productivity!


From the Entrance, through the walkways, to the checkout, and back into the car park; Crescent Industrial offers a comprehensive range of Ride-On & Walk-Behind Scrubber-dryers, industrial sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners, and industrial pressure washers to help keep your shopping facility looking its best!

Regular cleaning of shopping amenities is important to not only ensure your organisations complies with hygiene standards but also to give you:

  • Safe and clean floor.
  • An inviting store.
  • A good reputation!

Crescent Industrial can help you improve the cleanliness of your busy supermarket with specific professional cleaning solutions in each area of the store  – from shining sales floors to food halls to outdoor areas and car parking, we can provide you from a vast range of industrial cleaning equipment suited for your 1 need!  A clean, fresh looking store is guaranteed to deliver the best impression and customer experience.

As many of the larger retail food store chains include an in-house production area, such as a butchery, a bakery, and a creamery, cleanliness and hygiene is very important where these goods are made. This is where Crescent has the right solution for you, as we bring cleaning machines that deliver superior cleaning performance without sacrificing downtime or productivity, which leaves the shop factory floor clean, dry, and a safe environment to work in.

From snowstorms to leaf falls, as season change Crescent Industrial continues to offer a full range of outdoor cleaning equipment, to help you clean and maintain your property outdoors.

Our machines are currently supplied into:

  • High Street Shops

  • Supermarkets

  • Smaller Stores

  • Shopping Malls

For cleaning areas such as:

  • Store Entrances, Walkways & Exit’s

  • Fresh Food Areas

  • Counter Areas

  • Checkout Areas

  • Storage Areas

  • Ground Car Parks

  • Multi-Storey Car Parks

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