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Ideal Combi-Action Scrubber Dryer for Cleaning Large Areas of Ingrained Dirt

Ideal Combi-Action Scrubber Dryer for Cleaning Large Areas of Ingrained Dirt

Crescent Industrial supply both pedestrian and rider operated industrial floor cleaning scrubber-dryers on short or long-term hire, purchase or lease. We can supply new, refurbished and pre-used scrubber dryers machines to suit any budget in any application. Their reliability, outstanding efficiency, and reduced noise levels make them able to meet the most demanding customer expectations for cleaning at any time, in any space.

As a company, we see it as important to consider efficiency, ergonomic and environmental impact, all in one go. If you’re looking for a floor cleaning machine that can help you while dealing with intense dirt environment, you need to hire a floor scrubber dryer.

A thoroughly modern machine, combi-action scrubber dryer covers two essential functions, such as scrubbing and drying making heavy-duty cleaning become a task that is easy to manage in cleaning applications of all sizes. As the scrubber-dryers are made with innovative Exoflex system controls, the consumption without compromising the performance becomes far above what is expected.

To clean up dirt, mess, debris and dust in large areas, you need to acquire the services of a machine that pull up to lesser service downtime. The next generation floor scrubbers with a larger battery capacity provide more than four to five hours of running time. Their extended continuous service time and robust design portrays as an ideal choice for commercial and industrial cleaning in specific areas, such as:

  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Food and Beverage Industry

These modern engineered industrial floor cleaning machines make available a whole lot of promising features delivering evident cleaning results. There are some genuine reasons to adopt technology-based equipment that one must have a keen look over. If needed to note a few:

  • Maximum performance
  • Easy handling
  • Low maintenance
  • Ecoflex system
  • Superb cleaning results
  • Eco-friendly

At Crescent Industrial, we have a team of experts to help you and answer all your questions. Call us today to discuss your floor cleaning requirements: 01789 415695!

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber for Routine Cleaning & Maintenance

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber for Routine Cleaning & Maintenance

Workers at warehouses have to deal with a lot of floor cleaning hassles during the routine maintenance process. It’s an undeniable fact keeping larges spaces like schools or public buildings clean and safe for people working and visiting regularly, becomes quite difficult for workers to manage their cleaning using a mop and bucket. Since the crowd is in continual motion, so you have very less time to wrap up your cleaning process.

Crescent industrial offers the top quality walk behind floor scrubber to avoid undertaking time exhausting cleaning practices. We offer floor scrubber hire service to our clients for easy attainment of a safe and clean environment. It’s in high demand at places such as schools, hospital, supermarket, and public buildings as a reliable solution for cleaning needs.

Benefits of Hiring floor scrubber dryers

It’s significant to well strategies the cleaning procedure when you’re managing at a large scale. At such stages, even a mistake would impact the complete system. And if you don’t want to be a part of that fuss, you can hire our floor scrubber dryer, which is evident cleaning equipment for your needsSo, it is essential to adopt a cleaning process, which is safe for workers as well. Here are some of its benefits that are highly advantageous for routine maintenance of warehouses.

  • Enhanced productivity and reduced cleaning time to cover large floor areas due to high capacity tanks & long-lasting batteries.
  • User friendly execution layout. Hardly require some training to use for daily use and maintenance.
  • Easy access to button that activates all scrubber facilities.
  • Provided with ergonomic pedal to lift and lower the deck.

These walk behind floor scrubber perform speedy, effortless, and efficient cleaning, making the procedure far more convenient, and easy to manage. At Crescent Industrial, we develop innovative floor cleaning solutions which help, as we provide the power for you to create a cleaner and safer place. If you were looking for a way out to deal with regular untidiness, contact us now. Allow us to help you.

High Performance Orbital Carpet Cleaner For Deep Cleaning

High Performance Orbital Carpet Cleaner For Deep Cleaning

When it comes to deep cleaning a hard floor covered in a buildup of dirt, it could be a strenuous task especially if you are planning to do it manually (i.e. Mop & Bucket or Scrubber-Dryer). Considering all the preparations, hard work, elbow greasing, time taken for deep cleaning when done without a machine, Crescent Industrial has come with a one stop solution. The high performance oscillating orbital floor cleaner is the most efficient equipment for deep cleaning. This EX43-OCS industrial cleaning machine is a combination of rotation and eccentric movement. It is undoubtedly the best option for both hard as well as soft floor cleaning.

Benefits of EX43-OCS Orbital Floor Cleaner:

It is an effective cleaning machine which is also called a high performance orbital carpet cleaner. Having been credited as innovative floor preparation machine, it has several advantages:

Easy to use:  It is simple and very easy to handle by letting you move it in almost any direction in a seamless manner.

Highly durable: Made of fully blasted stainless steel, extra heavy rubbers this floor cleaner is definitely quite enduring.

Multiple uses: The versatility of this machine allows you to use it in multiple ways i.e. cleaning, striping & polishing, renovating & preparing, removing paints etc.

Excellent results: The before and after cleaning comparison of the floor shows significant results with EX43-OCS.

Chemical Free: This machine can also be used without any chemical and just water and the magical floor cleaning pad, giving you the ultimate cleaning results.

Crescent Industrial is a renowned seller, rental provider for industrial cleaning equipment in UK. Our performance oriented orbital hard floor deep clean scrubbing machines are the No.1 absolute problem solver, even when cleaning off years and years of dirt off a hard floor. It produces considerably better results even in the shortest time of being used. We have experts who can advise you on picking up the most suitable equipment for your industry. Do not hesitate to call us for any query. Contact us today!

Essential Things You Should Know About Scrubber Dryers

Essential Things You Should Know About Scrubber Dryers

The cleanliness of your facility plays a vital role in improving the health and safety by reducing dust, chemical residues and bacteria from the surfaces we encounter every day. Clean buildings can also improve the productivity by minimising time lost due to sickness and injury and also by improving workforce morale.

Therefore, the need for specialist cleaning technology is growing. There are many cleaning equipments and a bad choice can lead to a machine that gives you headache with regular breakdowns. However, scrubber dryer is gaining huge momentum.

Industrial scrubber uses mechanically driven brush to clean the dirt with the help cleaning chemicals. The cleaning solution is dispensed from a tank. The residue is collected by a system of squeegees which is deposited into a collection tank for later disposal.

Are you thinking about using a scrubber dryer for cleaning the floor in your commercial property? Here are some things you should take into account beforehand.

Cylindrical or Disc

Cylindrical scrubber dryers are equipped with two rotating brushes that clean the floor. They are capable of cleaning on rougher surfaces and tackling soiling and entrenched dirt.

Disc scrubber dryers come under the category of versatile machines. It allows you to change the cleaning pad to suit different floor types. If there is a need to clean different floor types, this is your best option.

Walk or Ride-On

Earlier, there used to be a huge difference in price between walk-behind and ride-on scrubber dryers. But, with the new range of reasonable and smaller ride-on, the gap has significantly reduced.

Please note that ride-on machines are perfect for larger areas (3000m2) and for smaller areas (less than 3000m2), walk-behind would be suitable. An average run time is of 4 hours for both types of machine.

Proper maintenance

Lack of proper maintenance is the biggest of break down and problems. Hence, it is crucial to empty the dirty water and clean everything thoroughly. Keep the squeegee blades and hose clean. It is good to have the machine checked once a year by an experienced service engineer.

Extra Features

There is no denying that the more add-ons and accessories you have, the more it increases the cost. This means that you need to carefully notice whether or not you strongly want that extra traction, chemical dosing system or fancy nozzles.

Choosing a scrubber dryer is a big decision as efficient floor cleaning is an essential part of any cleaning regime in industrial and commercial premises. But you no longer need to worry, as the team of experts at Crescent Industrial, a UK nationwide provider of industrial floor cleaning machines, are always on-hand and more than ready to assist you, with all types of enquiries, whether its large or small, high or low, Crescent Industrial offer scrubber-dryer for all floor cleaning applications.