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Are you looking for a rugged industrial vacuum cleaner hire to handle a challenging task? Achieve highly effective cleaning with powerful single, twin or triple motor Huuvan vacuums, to minimise health and safety risks on site.

There are some tasks that a standard domestic vacuum is just not man enough for and that’s where the Huuvan range of industrial vacuums really shine – being built from the ground up to handle large volumes of hardwood or cement dust, metal filings, and other hazardous materials with ease.


Used widely across construction sites, engineering works and even in potentially explosive atmospheres as specialist ATEX models; these dry vacuum cleaners come in a assortment of power types to suit every application.

Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Hire

Made largely in stainless or powder coated steel with huge dust collection bins or self-seal bags and highly efficient dust filters, Huuvan industrial hoovers are available for purchase, rental and contract hire to fit in with your requirements.

Facilities managers across an array of industries have found our industrial cleaning solutions make the difference when it matters.

Whether there’s a deadline to meet, you’re sick and tired of flimsy equipment, or you’re looking to invest in capable and robust specialist kit – it’s time to turn to Huuvan.

Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Hire

With over 20 separate models including ATEX certified vacuums, they are the ultimate in high-performance industrial equipment and can come complete with full service back up and UK-wide delivery.

We are a family-run team of specialists with decades of experience in industrial cleaning equipment, offering a large range of parts and consumables, as well as scrubber-dryers, vacuum-sweepers and much more…