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Freddie’s Flowers choose Pick-of-the-Bunch to Create Clean at the London Depot

by Feb 28, 2022floor cleaning machines, News / Blogs / Advice, Scrubber Dryers, Testimonials, walk-behind scrubber0 comments

Every day, Freddie’s Flowers delivers thousands of boxes of fresh flowers to brighten up their customers day. At their depot in London, fresh flowers are picked, boxed and packed at breakneck speed.

But explosive growth through lockdown brought cleaning challenges; dirt accumulated quickly and light floors became black. The sites commercial scrubber-dryer machine failed to cut through the increased grime and the time allowance for cleaning was squeezed to free up more production hours.

Under pressure to improve hygiene standards Cem Barut contacted Crescent to find a heavy duty cleaning system to remove highly compacted dirt under increasing time pressure. “We needed a heavier duty machine which could be safely used whilst people continued to pack on the line, so a quick result and a dry floor were important factors for us” says Cem.

“We needed a heavier duty machine which could be safely used whilst people continued to pack on the line, so a quick result and a dry floor were important factors for us”

Cem Barut

Technical Operations Manager, Freddie's Flowers

After clearly understanding the project scope, Crescent recommended a trial of the Kodiak K12-20D – a compact, military grade industrial scrubber-dryer delivering 113kg of cleaning pressure. The trial immediately proved the Kodiak was the correct choice; black floors became light as it cut through compacted grime, leaving a bone dry finish virtually immediately. The toggle switch controls made it simple for the cleaning team to understand how to use the machine and the concept of eliminating control boards to maximise reliability resonated with Cem.

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It wasn’t a difficult choice, Freddie’s Flowers took delivery of their brand new K12-20D on the same day.

With a military grade walk behind floor cleaner and trained operators, Cem reports that Freddie’s Flowers depot has become a cleaner, brighter workplace.

Jonathan Stacey concludes “It’s always rewarding to deliver raw cleaning power in a convenient and compact machine. The trial at Freddie’s Flowers helped them understand that investing in the Kodiak scrubber-dryer is the right choice. It cleans deeper, dries quicker and comes with a 3 year warranty for peace of mind for user in industrial and high use applications”.

In Summary:

  • Explosive growth at Freddie’s Flowers meant light floors were becoming black with dirt.
  • The existing equipment was unable to cut through the grime and dirt leaving them to seek out a heavier duty cleaning machine.
  • A Kodiak K12-20D trial cleaned floors back to the original light colour thanks to 113kg of raw scrub pressure.
  • The K12-20D is now used on site every day to maintain a clean, safe and bright workplace

Do you have a floor cleaning challenge in your factory or workplace? Request a free site survey to see how you can create clean with military grade industrial cleaning machines. Or browse our full product range online.

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