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A clean environment yields performance and success!

As your reliable partner in the contract cleaning business, we can help you escalate performance and productivity, reduce operational costs, and meet changing needs with our broad range of floor cleaning machines and flexible service offerings to all Contract Cleaners and Facilities Management companies.

From the entrance, through the walkways, to the classroom, and back into the car park; Crescent Industrial offers a comprehensive range of Ride-On and Walk-Behind Scrubber-dryers, industrial floor sweepers, commercial vacuum cleaners, and floor polishing machines to help keep you make education sites a fun place to be.

Regular cleaning of busy buildings and facilities is important to not only ensure they comply with hygiene standards, but also create a positive, engaging environment for the men and women alike. The advantages of our range of products from Crescent are:

  • All-in Total Care service program designed specifically for contract cleaners, addressing industry-specific needs
  • Reduce water and chemical consumption on selected products, minimizing environmental impact
  • Save labour by scrubbing floors clean and drying them in one pass including floor cleaning chemicals.
  • More vacuum cleaner models with certified HEPA filtration
  • We provide service and repair during a problem, enabling you to focus on the job
  • Quiet machines allow for daytime cleaning, lowering the cost of cleaning
  • Increase safety and reduce risk by minimizing chemical fumes, slippery floors and slip-and-fall accidents

Crescent Industrial can help you extract every last speck of dirt from the floor with specific professional cleaning equipment in each area of the building. We can provide you from a vast range of industrial cleaning machine on hire that are suited for your needs!

A clean, fresh looking leaning centre is guaranteed to deliver the best impression and customer experience. A healthier environment improves the learning process. To assure the health, comfort and contentment of students and staff, you work hard to achieve the highest level of cleanliness in your facility. The air quality, safety and environmental effects of your cleaning practices are important. Crescent Industrial provides floor cleaning machines and a floor pad choice guide which can help you reduce water and chemical consumption, improve indoor air quality and reduce the overall environmental impact of your floor cleaning practices.

We supply contract cleaners and facilities maintenance firms that look after:

  • Conference Centres
  • Construction Sites
  • Office Blocks
  • Colleges
  • Schools & Universities
  • Sports, Fitness & Swimming Halls

For cleaning areas such as:

  • Entrances, Walkways & Exit’s
  • Eating & Canteen Areas
  • Halls
  • Shop Floors
  • Outdoor Sports Areas
  • Car Parks

From snowstorms to leaf falls, as season change Crescent Industrial continues to offer a full range of outdoor cleaning equipment, to help you clean and maintain your property outdoors. As your cleaning partner, Crescent is dedicated to providing you with a solution, to maintain a clean, safe and healthy learning environment.

Crescent offers a vast range of floor surface cleaning equipment which will help you impress your customers by delivering fast, efficient cleaning with reduced operational costs. Contact us today to discuss your current problem/issue, and we will be glad to provide you with the best-suited solution for your job!


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