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Cleanliness, Hygiene & Safety are key for an efficient working environment.


Crescent Industrial offers a comprehensive range of Scrubber-dryers, industrial sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners, and industrial pressure washers to help keep your manufacturing and production areas clean and safe.

Regular cleaning of production areas is paramount to not only ensure your organisations complies with hygiene standards, but also to give you:

  • No machinery downtime
  • Safe and clean floor
  • High-quality production
  • High performance

Daily cleaning of production lines, surfaces and the floor saves time and money, as the workforce is free to continue working in an orderly organised area. Industrial vacuum cleaners, scrubber-dryers and hot or cold water high-pressure washers can make a difference, and also save money on extraordinary plant cleaning and prevent damage due to machinery downtime. This also creates a more pleasant working environment.

You can be assured of efficient economical cleaning of larger areas with our TOPFLOOR ride-on vacuum sweepers with the TRS cleaning achieves matchless cleaning results. The Topfloor Tandem Roller Sweep (TRS) system offers up to 45% increase in filter cleaning efficiency, which means you sweep everything the first time. All our Scrubber-Dryers offer effective cleaning with high productivity. You can trust our scrubber dryers to have a maximum lifespan, low maintenance and service cost and extreme ease of use. Our models range from small walk-behinds to large engine powered ride-ons – and everything in between, therefore, your site can be easily maintained and kept clean.

Our machines are currently supplied into factories that work with:

  • Bakery & Flour Products

  • Coffee & Tea

  • Dairy Products

  • Meat Production

  • Fruit & Vegetables

  • Drink Products

  • Construction Building Products

  • Packaging Products


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For many years, we continue to supply our industrial cleaning machines (such as: Nilfisk Scrubber Dryers, Topfloor Industrial Floor Sweepers, Huuvan Industrial Vacuum Cleaners) into: Abrasive Products – Manufacturers & Distributors,  Aircraft & Aerospace, Aluminium Casting Manufacturers, Aluminium Extrusion Manufactures, Automotive, Badge Manufacturing Companies, Bathroom Fixtures – Manufacturers, Battery Manufacturers & Supplies, Bearing Manufacturers, Bearings, Bed Manufacturing Companies, Bedding Manufacturers, Boiler Manufacturers, Brick Manufacturing Companies, Brush Manufacturers, Cable and Wire Equipment, Candle Manufacturers & Suppliers, Car Accessories Manufacturers, Car Component Manufacturers, Cardboard Box Manufactures, Carpet Manufacturing Companies, Carrier Bags Manufactures, Case Manufacturers, Castors and Wheels Manufactures, Ceramic Manufacturers,  Supplies & Services, Chain Manufacturers & Distributors, Chemical, Chemicals & Plastics, Circuit Board Assembly Manufactures, Clothing Manufacturing, Commercial Vehicle Component Manufacture, Concrete Manufacturing Companies, Control Panel Manufacturing, Conveyor Manufacturing Companies, Cooling Systems Manufacturing, Cosmetic Manufacturers, Crane Manufacturers, Display Cabinet Manufacturers, Door Manufacturing Companies, Electrical, Engine Manufacturers & Distributors, Fabrication Companies, Fencing Manufacturers, Filter Manufacturers & Suppliers, Foam Manufacturing Companies, Furniture Manufactures, Gate Manufacturing Companies, Gear Manufacturers, Giftware Manufacturers, Glass, Glass Fibre Manufacturers, Glass Fibre Materials & Manufacturers, Glass Fibre Moulding Materials & Manufacturers, Gum & Resin Manufacturers & Distributors, Heat Treatment Companies, Hydraulic Equipment Companies, Industrial Component Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers, Industrial Machinery Suppliers, Injection Moulding Companies, Joinery Manufacturing Companies, Kitchen Manufacturing Companies, Label Manufacturing Companies, Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers, Lift Manufacturing Companies, Lighting Manufacturers, Lubricant Manufacturers & Distributors, Machine Tools Manufacturers, Metal Fabricators, Metal Finishing Companies, Mezzanine Manufacturing Companies, Mobile Home Manufacturers, Office Equipment Manufacturers & Distributors, Packaging & Container Manufacturing, Paint Manufacturers, Pallet Racking Manufacturers, Paper Products Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Distributors, Plant & Machinery Manufacturers, Precision Engineering Companies, Printed Circuit Manufacturers, Printing Equipment Companies, PU Foam Moulding Companies, Pump Manufacturers, PVC-u Products – Manufacturers & Suppliers, Radiators Manufacturers, Railway Equipment Manufacturers, Retail Display Manufacturers, Roller Shutter Manufacturers, Rubber Manufacturers, Seal & Joint Manufacturers, Seating Manufacturers, Sheet Metal Manufacturers, Shop Fittings Manufacturers, Signage Manufacturers, Soft Furnishings Manufacturers, Sports Equipment Manufacturers & Distributors, Spring Manufacturing Companies, Stainless Steel Manufacturers, Stationery Manufacturers, Steel Pipe Manufacturers, Stone Products – Manufacturers, Storage & Shelving Systems Manufacturers, Temperature Monitoring Systems Manufacturers, Tent Manufacturing Companies, Textile Manufacturing Companies, Tile Manufacturers, Toys,  Games & Sporting Goods Manufacturers, Transformer Manufacturers , Valve Manufacturing Companies, Ventilation System Manufacturers, Welding Equipment – Sales & Service, Welding Manufacturing Companies, Window Manufacturing Companies, Wire Product Manufacturers, Work wear Manufacturers, Wrought Iron Work Manufactures.