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Floor Scrubber Dryer for Effective Cleaning On Highly Active Floors

Floor Scrubber Dryer for Effective Cleaning On Highly Active Floors

If you’re dealing with large scale floor cleaning tasks regularly, the wet floor might have been a matter of great concern. You’re not alone, many others like you have also faced such problems. Most of them upgraded their floor cleaning equipment with a wet floor cleaner by implementing an advanced technology-based solution. Since a highly active floor demands cleaning that last longer but takes minimum execution time and so do the conservative floor scrubbers deliver.

A quality floor scrubber efficiently supports keeping the floor clean and dry all the time. Without it, attaining & sustaining floor hygiene at an industrial space is almost close to impossible.

Such problems mostly occur in places where a large number of people visit regularly. That includes several industries, such as Food & Beverage Production Facilities, Manufacturing, Retail & Schools, Institutions and other industrial areas. There it becomes a challenging task to keep the whole floor dry through traditional cleaning methods. However, if you hire a wet floor cleaner things to develop a simpler workflow, so the performance & productivity get upgraded.

You would be looking for a reliable cleaning equipment provider who has sufficient experience in the industry to suggest you the best floor scrubber according to your needs.

At Crescent Industrial, we provide these floor scrubber dryers in wide variety equipped with all basic and some added special features depending upon the model. Their features make them an obvious choice for ultra-light routine cleaning to heavy-focused scrubbing. Their smart flow solution system reduces the consumption of water and chemical to 50% by automatically regulating the flow rate proportional to the drive speed.

Hiring wet floor cleaner provides the user with ultimate flexibility through the powerful cleaning machine. A machine that delivers a whole new level of cleaning has user-friendly access control to all machine parameters.

Floor scrubber are fundamentally categorised in two major features:

  • Ride-on Floor Scrubber (also known as sit on floor scrubber dryer)
  • Walk-behind Floor Scrubber (also known as pedestrian floor scrubber dryer)

Considering the size of the space for which you want to hire a wet floor cleaner, you can pick a specific floor care equipment for you. Though, taking an experts recommendation would help you save a lot on the hiring cost of the cleaning equipment. So, contact the experienced experts at Crescent Industrial, as they have provided floor cleaning equipment for years, and are sure to help you make the right decision for cleaning your industrial floor space effectively.

Sustainable Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

Sustainable Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

By time more industries are switching on to cleaning and maintenance solutions that rely on sustainable technologies. It has enhanced the demand for high-performance floor sweepers. These robust sweepers are an ideal choice for various cleaning application facilitating indoor and outdoor. The battery-powered walk behind floor sweeper requires far less effort for extraordinarily effective cleaning. It has strengths to make the area dirt and debris free around four times faster than a man doing broom.

Industries such as hospitality, food, health care, government, and manufacturing have believed in the walk-behind floor sweeper. Technology has made things much easier to clutch.  Innovative Tandem Roller System (TRS) allows you to collect cans, large litter, sheets of paper and fine particles from various areas.

Benefits of Floor Sweeper

The floor sweepers unite the principles of a modular system with that of TRS extending the performance with added flexibility and comfort. The waste collection process, two brushes rolling against each other transfers the dirt directly into the waste container, improves the performance and dust extraction abilities of the floor sweepers.  They are suitable for both inside and outside cleaning, have a look at why:


The walk-behind floor sweeper is provided in with user-friendly controls you don’t need to spend much time and money in training the staff how to use it. Their features make them highly productive and performative.

High Standards of Cleaning

Consistency in high-performance cleaning is one of the best advantages of floor sweepers. Its powerful engines can clean factories, warehouses and your forecourts like small storage floors or car parks. Such is the kind of performance range it provides.

At Crescent Industrial, we offer floor sweeper rental service for short term (minimum of 1 week) and long term (Min. of 12 months). You can also purchase one from our extensive range of 350+ seamless products ideal for your cleaning needs.

Quiet Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryer for Noise Sensitive Areas

Quiet Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryer for Noise Sensitive Areas

Scrubbers are the ideal equipment for getting rid of grease, grime and dirt that is difficult to remove by simply mopping the floor. Crescent Industrial provide rental on a comprehensive range of indoor, outdoor & multipurpose scrubber-dryers that are extremely efficient in removing stubborn spots. It has taken over the traditional method of mopping by being twice effective than it.

Features of Ergonomic and Reliable Crescent Scrubbers:

  • These scrubbers can perform forward and backward scrubbing & drying
  • Apply brush pressure range from 27kg to 77kg
  • Perfect combination of suction motor and squeegee swinging around brush
  • Keep floor clean in terms of hygiene
  • Give exceptional tractions with double scrubbing tasks
  • Large battery compartment enabling battery tray of 360Ah to promote run time of 4.5 hours

The SC800 scrubber-dryer by Crescent is meant for heavy-duty cleaning. This walk-behind cleaning equipment is easy to handle. Along with the perfect combination of effective water collection and powerful vacuum motor it works towards drying the floor quickly. It is ideal for routine cleaning of entryways, porous-surface, grout as well as spillages.

Other Unique Features of Low Noise Scrubbers:
These high end scrubbers require very less storing space. Its Ecoflex system keeps control on consumption of water, detergent and brush but can temporarily increase the pressure for aggressive cleaning. It is easy to manoeuvre with waterproof single touch panel. The noise levels are significantly low for daytime cleaning to just 63dB(A).

Crescent Industrial rents its magnificently efficient cleaning equipment for short term as well as long term contracts. You can also purchase from the extensive range of 350+ cleaning equipment. We have experts who can quickly determine the ideal cleaning equipment for your industry just by knowing its area and type. We also provide vacuum cleaners for construction sites and other manufacturing areas. So, if you want to hire/purchase a quiet industrial floor scrubber dryer go through our website and select the most suitable one. Any question? Call us to enquire!

Why Floor Cleaning Machines Are a Necessity in Many Businesses

Why Floor Cleaning Machines Are a Necessity in Many Businesses

Every business needs to provide a clean and safe environment for staff and visitors. A clean workplace not just prevents illness, but also boosts the morale and development of a business. Cleanliness and hygiene is a necessity instead of a luxury. Floors become very susceptible to dirt and stains and therefore, cleaning the floor is considered as one of the most regular cores in businesses. Fortunately, there are numerous cleaning machines to assist.

Floor sweepers are a valuable tool for collecting and removing dust and debris. It uses a system of rotating brushes which effectively sweep the dirt and debris from the floor and collected in a waste container for later disposal.

The range comprises from walk-behind sweepers for small areas to ride-on machines for larger surface areas for a variety of duties. There is a floor sweeper for every type of requirement in all industries.

Pros of Floor Sweeper

High standard of cleaning

The biggest perk of using a floor sweeper is their consistency in giving high standards of effective cleaning. Equipped with powerful motors, industrial floor sweepers can effectively clean floor surfaces in factories, roads, narrow walkways and warehouses. It can remove dirt, dust and debris.


Floor sweepers can withstand different cleaning conditions and situations, and is a much quicker method than using a person and a dust pan and broom. Even if they look costly, they are cost effective due to reliability, accuracy and durability. The Topfloor floor cleaning machines come with high specifications ratings, which creates very little/low on-going maintenance.

Safety Features

The topmost duty of businesses is to provide their staff with safe mechanical equipments. Apart from ensuring the quality of their job, machines with world-class safety features also minimise the risks of work-related injuries. Floor sweepers deliver a safe and precise operation with its specialized features. Due to its ergonomic design, users can work smoothly and comfortably all the time.

Supreme Productivity

Industrial floor cleaning machines include user-friendly control panels. This means commercial establishments don’t have to spend money and time to acquire personnel training. The machine’s easy-to-operate panels allow anyone to use the floor sweepers, while you to focus on productivity.

Choosing a floor cleaning machine is a wise decision as efficient floor cleaning is a vital part of any cleaning regime in industrial or commercial premises. You can seek advice from industry experts, like those at Crescent Industrial.

There is always the option to hire floor cleaning machine (floor sweeper) to see if it suits the requirements and we allow you to choose with competitive pricing and flexible hire periods. We offer:

Short Term Hire

Flexibility: from a minimum of 1 week to several months

Long Term Hire

Flexibility: from a minimum of 12 months to 12 years

It’s completely up to you to choose your hire period.

Contact the experts at Crescent for more details. 

Call today: 0845 33 77 695 or Email:

Key Advantages of Floor Cleaning Machines

Key Advantages of Floor Cleaning Machines

Vast industrial floor surfaces are hard to clean through usual manual cleaning processes. Crescent Industrial, the leading provider of floor commercial cleaning equipment in the UK provide an extensive range of sweepers, scrubbers, on all industrial floor cleaners, available for rent or purchase. All these utensils are designed to fulfil specific cleaning needs and are the best technique to deal with dirt, debris, and dust from the floor.

Key advantages of Combination Sweeper / Scrubber Dryer Floor Cleaning Machines:

  • One-pass cleaning on all hard floor types bringing increased productivity with the best results.
  • Saves lots of time and manual labour with its every efficient sweep.
  • The perfect solution for heavy duty cleaning and sweeping.
  • Combination sweeper scrubbers are ideal for deep cleans of large floor areas.
  • Low cost maintenance, durable construction & reliable.
  • Ride-on floor cleaners are an effective machine that efficiently sweeps, scrubs & vacuums all in 1 go.
  • The manual effort of sweeping and mopping now becomes a lot less labour intensive.
  • Leaves the floor exceptionally clean.
  • Ideal for cleaning of industrial warehouses, distribution centres & construction sites.

Industrial Sweeper/Scrubber-dryers are designed so that they are easy for use, with hassle-free operating controls for simple operation for the user. They efficiently sweep scrub & Vacuum all in one go and the floor becomes clean and ready to be used again straight away.

Benefits of Hiring over Buying a Floor Cleaning Machine

Benefits of Hiring over Buying a Floor Cleaning Machine

Cleaning hard floors in vast industrial spaces is best completed using powered floor cleaning equipment, ensuring great cleaning results in a short period of time. Industrial floor cleaning machines are the best way of collecting all kinds of dirt, debris and dust from the floor to deploy a cost effective way for cleaning commercial floor surfaces. A clean working environment encourages and boosts increased productivity in the workplace, therefore it is important to invest in the correct type of industrial floor cleaning machine for your workplace.

Crescent Industrial offer all product categories from the floor cleaning range available for both short-term and long-term rental, such as:
  • Sweepers with TRS
  • Industrial Vacuum
  • Scrubber Dryers
  • Oscillating floor cleaners
  • Combined Sweeper & Scrubber Dryers
  • Commercial sweepers

Hiring industrial floor cleaning machines is a cost-effective way of investing in this type of asset, as like all machines, they require on-going maintenance and servicing, and by hiring the machine, this on-going maintenance is covered by Crescent Industrial, making rental an affordable option for all businesses.

Why it’s better to hire than buy:
  1. No large financial outlay as a capital investment.
  2. This opens a wide range of product options for the company to choose from rather than owing just one machine – smaller/larger machines are available according to the cleaning requirement.
  3. Flexible hire periods – according to the customers’ requirements.
  4. Crescent Industrial offer UK nationwide on all industrial floor cleaning machines.
  5. Hire agreement of machine includes replacement of parts cover, breakdown response, and machine replacement if required. (Excludes damage parts).
  6. You can maintain the cleanliness of your premises with no hassle, as using Ride-on or walk behind sweepers is very simple, and they are low maintenance.
  7. Hiring an industrial floor sweeper / scrubber increases ensures hygiene standards of your business are adhered to.

Cleaning an industrial space manually is a very inefficient option. If your company are needing an industrial floor cleaning machine, and don’t have the capital to invest in buying this type of equipment, then why not hire a floor cleaning machine to get your work done effectively and efficiently? The hassle-free way of investing in good quality and reliable floor cleaners.

Crescent Industrial provide full rental packages on all industrial floor cleaning machines currently shown on our website, to all industries, to all the UK, whether north or south, east or west, we are here to support you, and have a UK nationwide team of engineers to ensure your floor cleaning machine on hire from ourselves is kept in full working order at all times.