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Yep, you guessed it!  Crescent is back with another patent-pending world-first that promises to raise the bar when it comes to cleaning standards and protecting operator health.

Check out the TF95 Bag-In-Bin product specifications here.

We all recognise the serious long-term health implications associated with exposure to silica and other dangerous dusts, particularly on construction sites and other high-dust applications.  In the light of this, we carried out thorough testing of a variety of cleaning methods in a controlled environment to discover what levels of PM10 (respirable size) particles were produced – the data was staggering…



Yes, it confirmed what we felt we already knew, like the vast levels of dangerous dust stirred up by using a broom (light-green line) or a manual sweeper (with no filter or active vacuum dust-control, blue line) – but it also highlighted an issue that had mostly been overlooked…


On emptying the dirt container of the TF95 Vacuum-Sweeper machine (orange line), the dust level peaked to almost the same volumes that were recorded when using manual sweeping methods.  We realised at once that this was totally unacceptable and our focus zeroed-in on flattening that peak to a level that was safe for the operators.


Following increasing demand from the construction industry for a solution to decanting harmful dusts from their vacuum-sweeper machines and in the light of our testing data, our Product Development team conducted extensive research and testing to come up with a solution to mitigate the exposure of workers to damaging particles.



With that, the Bag-In-Bin was born.


Countless prototypes, pitfalls and design revisions later, we had a system that worked (dark-green line) and after rigorous testing, we now have a product that we can proudly offer the market to complement our range of industrial cleaning equipment in our constant quest to improve cleaning standards and protect your workforce.


Creating Clean, Protecting Health.

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