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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

We stock one of the largest ranges of industrial vacuums in the UK. These rugged industrial vacuum cleaners have 220v or 400v motors and are ideal for masonry dust, wood dust control, removing metal filings, and cleaning on building sites or across all types of heavy industry.  Please see a video demonstration of an industrial vacuum.

Fitted with large-capacity waste hoppers, and advanced dust filters, we have more than 20 models of industrial vacuum that are available to rent, hire, or buy.

ATEX-Rated Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Our certified ATEX vacuum cleaners are rated for use in hazardous environments like silica dust, natural gas, or petrochemicals.

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Heavy-duty vacuum cleaners are the stalwarts of cleanliness, designed to tackle the most challenging cleaning tasks with unparalleled efficiency, even in dangerous ATEX atmospheres. Ours offer features that set them apart, ensuring they are indispensable tools for creating clean as shown here:

Powerful Suction:

The heart of any heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is its robust suction power. Equipped with high-performance motors and advanced airflow technology, Huuvan machines effortlessly extract dirt and debris from various surfaces.


Built to withstand rigorous use, these vacuum cleaners have reinforced components, impact-resistant materials, and sturdy construction ensure these machines can handle consistent cleaning demands.

Advanced Dust Filtration:

Improving indoor air quality with advanced filtration systems including HEPA filters for even the tiniest particles, allergens, and pollutants, contributes to a healthy working environment. The full risks of dust are sometimes not understood.

Generous Waste Bin Capacity:

These vacuums feature large dustbins with bags reducing the need for frequent emptying and the risk of dust to operators, saving time and effort.

Whether you're dealing with stubborn dirt, debris, metal filings, silica dust, or allergens, a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner stands ready to be your partner in achieving a cleaner and healthier environment.