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What is the best way to keep floors presentable? When a warehouse floor is dirty or littered it sends a bad message and presents a trip hazard for employees and within a retail space like shops, cash and carry stores, or garden centres, you have risks to visitors to consider as well.

The scope of floor cleaning and scrubbing challenges is considerable and so it follows that our range of equipment is likewise broad. Our floor scrubbing and sweeping equipment is made by brands like Nilfisk and is built to commercial standards for effortless operation and durability.

Do you own a small takeaway or cafe?

The fast-moving world of hospitality where restaurants, coffee shops and sandwich bars abound present fresh challenges with your brand’s image and food hygiene to consider. You don’t want food scraps or sugar sachets left around for vermin visitors in the small hours.

The compact Nilfisk SC250 floor scrubber dryer will make life easy by scrubbing and drying in one pass from exceptionally small, lightweight, and nimble chassis that is easy to store. Have a look at the  product video below:


Maybe you are a logistics manager at a large warehouse?

Concerns around dust and small cardboard scraps could make a large ride-on floor sweeper on our short-term rental service a real boon at your site! Reduce mess, rubbish, and trip hazards while riding in comfort.

Floor Scrubber Machine

Does your cleaning company look after shopping centres?

A ride on Kodiak or Nilfisk floor scrubber dryer machine will make scrubbing sizeable floor or platform areas a faster and even a satisfying undertaking! See the coffee stains and debris disappear.

Do you have to clean floors with awkward access like on commuter trains?

The Nilfisk SC250 or SC351 portable pedestrian scrubber dryers immediately commend themselves. Their low-weight and easy to handle characteristics mean operators can provide a high standard of floor scrubbing while saving time and effort.

Train Floor Cleaning Machine

Scrubbing school and college corridors?

At a large establishment it can really pay to strike a balance between the pedestrian models and largest ride on floor scrubbers; how about the Kodiak K16 or Nilfisk SCC530? Both clean and dry a wide swath of floor-and yet can handle complex manoeuvres if needed.

Do you have a longer-term floor scrubbing scenario or just a clean down during the school holidays? It may be that you are a very seasonal business and have bursts of trade?

Floor Scrubbing Machine For Schools

These are all important considerations, and this is why we offer both outright purchase and short term hire of floor scrubber machines with service support to fulfil almost any requirement. Please call us on 0845 33 77 695 or drop us an email to: