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Silica dust is mostly present at construction sites or on manufacturing sites where grinding, cutting, and drilling of concrete takes place. This airborne dust is hazardous for the surrounding workers and others in its vicinity. ATEX industrial hoovers play a vital role in making the environment at such sites a safe and friendly place to work in – you can see a video of this here:

Industrial Hoovers with Automatic Cleaning System

There are vacuum cleaners (hoovers) in different variants that come with an automatic filter cleaning system. Mostly all of them have these features in common:

  • HEPA Filters: These have a major role to play in removal of silica dust. These ‘M Class’ filters can collect submicron dust with the efficiency of 99.95%.
  • Cyclone Protection: Cyclone technology and metal shroud protect your oversized filters from getting damaged from abrasive materials.
  • Easy Release: These hoovers come with quick releases so that you can swiftly switch between the accessories.
  • Longopac Bag: This is a self-sealed bag system that prevents the formation of dust clouds while emptying the container. The Longopac bag system is the best-rated dust containing bagging system on the market.

Apart from these features, the Huuvan industrial hoovers for silica dust from Crescent Industrial come with Automatic Cleaning System (ACS). The large sized HEPA filters are cleaned automatically via this technology. What makes it more considerate is the fact that the automatic cleaning system (ACS) works alongside the vacuum cleaner for silica dust which saves a lot of time and effort for the users.

Our Range of ATEX Hoovers

Another reason why these industrial vacuum cleaners are the best option for cleaning your construction sites is their ATEX certification. Using an ATEX vacuum cleaner ensures the safety of your workers – not only help in cleaning your surroundings but are also safe to use. You can find the best vacuum for construction and concrete silica dust at our store.

Experts at Crescent Industrial can also be a great help in selecting an appropriate hoover for your workplace.

Contact us without hesitation for any query regarding vacuum cleaners, sweepers, and other cleaning equipment on 0845 33 77 695.

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