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TopFloor TF100R-TRS Ride-On Floor Sweeper

The Topfloor TF100R-TRS Sweeper combines the effective Tandem-Roller-System (TRS) from Crescent with a powerful dust removal system. The lateral brushes sweep the refuse in front of the first roller brush. This brush, together with the second roller, transports the dirt on the basis of the overthrow principle into the dirt collector, which can be filled up to 75% of capacity. The dust removal system reliably traps the fine dust in the large filter which can be cleaned electrically whenever necessary. Even large refuse items such as 500ml bottles. The rear-axle drive means that it can also climb ramps with a grade of up to 20%. This warehouse sweeper is capable of driving over and sweeping up large debris. The electrical filter cleaner, developed by Crescent, cleans even deeply ingrained lamellar areas, reliably and comfortably, and removes up to 45% more dust from the lamellar filters than conventional cleaning mechanisms.

Ride-On Floor Sweeper – Warehouse Sweeper

For users who need a versatile ride-on floor sweeper machine they can depend on day in-day out, the TF100R-TRS Ride-On Floor Sweeper has changed the rules of the road. The TOPFLOOR TF100R-TRS is the among the best warehouse sweepers for cleaning large areas, such as car parks, construction sites, warehouses and much more.

Travelling at up to 6km/hr, cleaning up to 6,000m²/hr and turning within just 1m, this advanced floor sweeper was first off the blocks to breakthrough productivity and manoeuvrability barriers among warehouse floor sweepers. The TopFloor TF100R-TRS is a safe performer in fast-moving cleaning operations because operators have superb visibility of the wider operating environment and the immediate cleaning area – please see our video of the features of this ride on sweeper machine lower down the page.

Despite its compact dimensions, the TF100R-TRS floor sweeper exhibits attention to detail from every angle. The foundational top quality components and precision engineering are complemented by designs such as the angled front wheel which offers higher shock absorption and lighter steering. Automatic braking and positive controls inspire operator confidence and comfort. TRS technology adds that achievement of a job well done with a cleaner, safer working environment.

  • Chain drive floor sweeping (rather than belt drive) reduces maintenance requirements and maximizes power transmission.
  • 600m³/hr airflow volume delivers outstanding capture and control of airborne dust.
  • Powerful ramp climbing ability gets the TF100R-TRS practically anywhere, anytime.
  • Clear control layout with individually operated functions minimize training requirements and resettable fuses protect. motors from overload.
  • 1.5 times more productive than an equivalent walk-behind sweeper.
  • Intuitive and simple control functions reduce operator training.
  • Up to 6km/hr sweeping speed cleans up to 6,000m²/hr.
  • Fast access to brooms and components minimizes maintenance downtime.

Each TF100R-TRS warehouse sweeper is delivered with a flashing beacon, back up alarm, horn and non-marking tyres as standard so that it’s ready to roll in rugged industrial applications.

To clean larger areas the walking speed of hand sweeping machines may not be adequate but large ride-on machines like the TF180R model are quite costly and may not have the ability to steer into tight spaces. This means the “small” warehouse sweepers like this model with great manoeuvrability and ease of handling are an ideal combination along with competitive pricing.

Suited for sweeping on concrete and asphalt, cobblestones, and tiled surfaces as well as carpet, the TF100R model offers up to 50% more area capacity than pedestrian sweepers with the same sweeping width.


Power Supply Battery
Theoretical Productivity (m²/hr) 6,000
Main Broom Width (mm) 600
Total Sweep Width (mm) 1,000
Hopper Capacity (ltr) 70
Filter Area (m²) 3
Airflow Volume (m³/hr) 600
Max Speed (km/h) 6
Turning Circle (m) 1
Dimensions – L x W x H (mm) 1,190 x 790 x 1,089
Weight – incl Battery (kg) 160


To personalise your Top floor sweeper, a range of additional options are available:

• On-board vacuum for cleaning between pallets, racking overhead and other surfaces in areas with no power supply.
• Carpet kit for sweeping dust and debris from large carpeted areas quickly and effectively.
• Alternative broom bristles such as natural fibre, ploy and wire mix or nylon for sweeping different types of debris.

For specific requirements, Top floor machines can be bespoke built. To explore these options, simply contact us.






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