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Hazardous dust acquaintance disturbs the performance, productivity, workability, and most importantly, the health of workers. These very fine silica dust particles are so small that they are almost invisible to the naked eyes. On construction sites, this should be viewed as severe as the workers stay continually exposed to hazardous substances through the environment. It is crucial to find an intact solution that can stand strong against disastrous situations dust might bring up.

The advanced technique based vacuum cleaners are suitable to deliver quick & efficient cleaning results in large spaces with optional cleaning power. The choice you make for portentous cleaning equipment should indeed consider the approach that it doesn’t harm the operator while performing cleaning, getting rid of the collected dust.

There are two systems commonly used in the efficient handling of collecting waste in vacuum cleaners, by: Longopac & Standard bin collection. Both are convenient, depending on the requirement you’re expecting it to fulfil, though the most preferred, reliable & smarter waste management system for accumulating highly hazardous dirt & debris is Longopac bags as all dusts are kept sealed, at all times, meaning no surrounding person is in any danger of inhaling of the hazardous dusts.

Using the Longopac bag system on Huuvan vacuum cleaners makes workforce safer when the minute dust is vacuumed operators never come in contact with it again. The bags can be sealed and replaced from outside without touching the waste. Quick bag replacement method saves plenty of time, improves productivity & sustain hygiene.

Longopac self-seal bags system prevents exposure to dust sensitive environments. Construction Dust Vacuum Cleaner with Longopac suitably the most exquisite way out of possible dust destructions as the operator would never come in contact with dust once a vacuumed. Addition to their features list the HEPA H-class filter, used in Crescent Industrial’s expert vacuuming tools, gather up to 99.99% of the dust.

At Crescent Industrial, we provide the full range of suitable, top-quality Huuvan vacuum cleaners well fit for fulfilling several distinct requirements. You can get in contact with our experts to improve the technique when cleaning up hazardous dusts. We are here to help you.