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For any construction site or industrial factories, it is very common to have silica dust become airborne. The residue left after cutting, grinding, mining etc. makes the environment unhealthy and hazardous for workers. Responsible business owners not just take care of their business but also keep in mind the safety of their employees. Top rated vacuums for silica dust are the best solutions to get rid of the harmful dust particles around a construction site. Huuvan vacuums with HEPA filters are exclusively designed to collect silica dust right at its source.

Huuvan Vacuums Come with Extraordinary Features:

  • Portable design gives easy access to cleaning zones
  • On tool dust extraction via remote start feature for power tools like orbital sanders and circular saws
  • Got powerful vacuum efficiency
  • Protective metal shroud to safeguard oversize filters from abrasive material
  • Ease of collecting dust and liquids without changing the filter
  • Twin, triple by-pass motors that isolate vacuum air thus enhancing the durability of a motor
  • 99.995% efficiency for dust collection that protects workforce from hazardous dust particles
  • Optional bin container with stainless steel to collect highly corrosive materials
  • Self-cleaning Automatic Cleaning System and Vibrator Cleaning System

HEPA filters with high-end technology for collecting silicon dust at its source, trap silica particles and keep them from reaching the filters. Whether its freshly released silica dust, buildup dust or airborne silica dust, Huuvan vacuum cleaners are ideal to get your construction site cleaned extensively. These industrial vacuums are available in single, double as well as triple motors. The power vacuuming of this equipment saves a lot of time and effort of your workforce ensuring the safety of their health. So, if you are looking for top rated vacuums for silica dust, Crescent Industrials can be extremely helpful. We suggest the most suitable industrial vacuums depending upon the size and type of your construction site. Call us today & get the right vacuum cleaner for your workplace: 01789 415695.