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Crescent Industrial is one of the leading providers of cleaning equipment and has carved out a niche for itself in the cleaning equipment industry for the rental and sales of machines. Our company offers highly competitive products with extraordinary customer service, training and demonstrations on the use of all the cleaning machines. The highly innovative cleaning solutions provided by our company enable the business to create safe and hygiene working environment and to maximize its level of productivity.

Completely clean the floor leaving it clean and dry

The unique and highly innovative scrubber dryers wash the floors completely and leave the floor safe, clean and dry. The cleaning machine is designed for scrubbing and cleaning the floors and works by cleaning the surface through the use of the mechanical rotational brush which is installed at the front of the equipment. As all of our range of machines are robust, and have highly advanced diamond cleaning technology, the disc scrubber drier uses only the water for the creation of the clean, shiny, slip resistant floors. The industrial scrubber-dryers clean the floor area very quickly and ensure sparkling cleanliness all around. Scrubber dryers are ideal for use in all types of commercial locations which has high footfalls like hospitals, shopping malls and other industrial and well populated areas and places.

Complete protection to your employees and customers

The wide varieties of walk behind sweeper machines developed by our company carry out the collection of the dust, debris and results in the enhancement of the cleaning rate in your premises with a complete protection to your property and personnel. Choosing the right type of the sweeper machine is crucial for every business and one can select the right kind of machine according to the types of the debris to be removed and the overall size of the premises. Our products serve as the perfect cleaning solutions for all types of the commercial establishments.

Maintain the clean and hygienic environment in your area

They are easy to operate and are equipped with the specialised filters to trap the dirt and can result in a healthier and highly productive environment for all the employees as well as customers, depending on the application. Our company continuously strives to deliver innovative and affordable cleaning solutions to all its clients and maintain long-term relationships with them. The Walk-Behind Sweeper machine is an extremely cost effective way to keep your business free from dirt and debris and to keep your business consistently moving in the forward direction.

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Range of Walk Behind & Sit On Scrubber Dryers