Huuvan® ACS (Automatic Cleaning System)

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The Unique Advantage for Vacuuming in High Dust Environments

Huuvan® vacuums with ACS (patented technology) guarantee high quality ongoing dust free cleaning in high dust environments. Unlike other vacuums, Huuvan® vacuums with ACS automatically self clean the filters continuously during use.This facilitates ongoing dust free cleaning and protection of your workforce. Cleaner filters also increase airflow to the vacuum motors to extend life of the motors and reduce costs of ownership.

Step 1 Cyclone technology allows heavier dusts to loose speed and drop into the bin.

Step 2 Metal sleeves protect filters from abrasive material and preventing rapid filter clogging when vacuuming high volumes of fine dust.

Step 3Multi layered H-Class filters collect sub- micron dusts to 99.9995% efficiency. Filter layers include conductive HEPA H14 media to dissipate electrostatic charge.

Step 4 Filters are automatically cleaned on a continuous cycle during use, to maintain vacuum and filter performance simultaneously in high dust environments.

ACS is the preferred choice of vacuum extractor for floor grinding contractors as ACS maintains dust free performance at the most demanding level.