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6 Steps to Sanitising Floors In Your Workplace

by | Apr 28, 2020 | News, News / Blogs / Advice |

Appropriate sanitising and cleaning of your workplace has never been more important as we navigate through the Covid crisis.

To help you create clean and protect health in your facility, we’ve developed a six step guide to sanitising floors in the workplace:

  1. Select an appropriate sanitiser or disinfectant – ideally certified to BS EN 144476 virudical standards  e.g. saniclen
  2. Sweep or scrub the floor area as normal to remove debris and expose any bacteria and viruses.
  3. Fill the floor scrubber with water and sanitiser at the recommended sanitiser dilution ratio.
  4. Apply the sanisiter through the machine leaving the solution on the floor for the recommended dwell time to attack and destroy bacteria and viruses.
  5. Use the scrubber-dryer to vacuum and remove the sanitiser from the floor, if necessary use the scrubber-dryer to rinse the surface.
  6. Empty the scrubber-dryer, cleaning and flushing the recovery tanks and preparing it for storage.

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