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5 steps to maintain your floor scrubber and get the best cleaning results

by Jul 15, 2020News / Blogs / Advice0 comments

Whilst regular preventative service is always recommended for your floor cleaners, there’s some simple steps you can do to help ensure you get the best cleaning results from your scrubber-dryer. Whether you’re scrubbing warehouse floors, cleaning floors in hospitals or using floor cleaners to remove slip hazards in manufacturing areas the following maintenance steps will ensure you deliver optimal cleaning results:

SC500 cleaning recovery
1| Clean the Recovery Tank

Always empty the dirty water tank each time you’ve finished cleaning. Then leave the drain hose open on the floor and flush the tank with clean water – this clears any residues and avoids a build-up of sludge in the water tank helping prevent drain hose blockages.

2| Wipe the Squeegee Blades

Use a damp rag, cloth or hose to clean off the rubber blades paying attention to removing any build up from the front edge of the squeegee blade.

SC500 mount squeegee
SC500 check blades
3| Check the Squeegee Blade 

Visually inspect the rubber blades to make sure it’s free of any cuts, tears or excessive wear. Rubber squeegees in good condition help leave your floor drier, cleaner and safer.

4| Charge the Batteries

Once the batteries are fully discharged, recharge in a well ventilated area – typically this is done overnight. Correct battery maintenance is a topic in itself, but it’s important to avoid opportune charging the batteries (using them for short periods and recharging for short periods) as this will severely impair the battery life.

SC500 charging
SC500 water tap
5| Clean the Solution Filter

Most scrubber-dryers whether ride-on or walk behind have a solution filter to avoid any debris from the clean water tank travelling through the solution pipework and blocking it up. Remove the solution filter and flush it out under in a sink or under a tap.

Regularly completing these 5 maintenance steps will help you get the best cleaning results whatever floor scrubber-dryer you use on site. For more advice, service support or equipment enquiries contact our team directly on 01789 415695.