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Sweeping up brick dust, cement dust & hazardous silica dust in brick factories

by | Apr 2, 2018 | News / Blogs / Advice |

How to take control of exposure to silica dust in a brick factory!

Are you a Brick Manufacturer looking for a quick way to clean up dust, dirt and grime from off your factory floor? Then you have come to right place…

Available options for cleaning the floor in spaces with lot of apparatus around can be difficult to access, which is why Huuvan Vacuum Cleaners are the best choice for cleaning in confined spaces in brick manufacturing production areas.

View the Huuvan Vacuum Cleaner Range:

blog image - silica dust hazards on brick factory sites



If you have a large floor area that gets covered in silica dust from bricks, concrete and cement, then an industrial sweeper is the best way of clean sweeping the floor efficiently, when then prevents the dust being a danger to the human lungs. Ride-on commercial sweepers have now replaced the sweeping brush, extracting the brick dust, without it becoming airborne again.

View the Topfloor Industrial Sweeper Range / Commercial Sweeper Range:

topfloor sweeper cleaning brick dust off factory floor


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