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K900 Industrial Vacuum-Sweeper Robot

The worlds first smart, simple and low-height industrial floor cleaner robot sweeper machine.

Short-staffed or looking for a more cost-effective cleaning option for your site?  The K900 is a fully autonomous vacuum-sweeper solution that has been built from the ground up to perform in industrial environments.

With advanced SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) navigation and 3D environmental perception, the K900 not only chooses the most efficient way to clean, but also reacts to a constantly changing environment along with reporting a heat map of the area cleaned to ensure maximum coverage.

Low-height racking or hard-to-clean spaces?  No problem, thanks to a super low 35cm design and radio control option for operated use.  When it comes to automated cleaning in industrial environments, the K900 is truly superior in design, technology and performance.

Click here to see a video of the K900 Vacuum-Sweeper Robot in action.


With use cases all over the world, the K900 is a proven method of permanently changing warehouse cleaning norms for the better: creating clean and reducing costs. The K900 is the only floor cleaner robot available on the market today to offer the following features:

World-class Sweep System The K900 sweep system design means it collects large debris including up to the size of bottles and cans, cleaning the toughest of industrial dirt.

Sophisticated SLAM Navigation – The K900 features advanced SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) navigation and can be deployed without any pre-installation for fast set up to quickly gain the benefits of automation. 3D environment perception means the K900 can navigate and clean through complex spaces.

Super Low 35cm Height Profile – A super low 35cm height means the K900 can clean under conveyors, automated racking and other hard to reach places where cleaning is currently only possible by hand.

Simple Task Management – Finally, you can create a cleaning schedule that gets delivered. The K900 cleaning schedule details the daily and weekly tasks meaning you can programme additional resource for high traffic areas, fine tune to perfection, or assign cleaning missions. Regain complete control over your floor cleaning programme.

Transparent Daily Reporting – The K900 customer portal delivers daily reporting to show what cleaning missions have been carried out. Share reports with other stakeholders to demonstrate and verify cleaning programmes are being completed. Reduce cleaning costs, improve cleaning standards and create clean all day every day.


Power Supply
Theoretical Productivity (㎡/hr) 1,000
Total Sweep Width (mm) 900
Hopper Capacity (ltr) 35
Filter Area (㎡) 2
Battery Run Time (hrs) 5
Battery Recharge Time (hrs) 1.5
Turning Circle (m) 1
Dimensions – L x W x H (mm) 900 x 900 x 350
Weight – incl Battery (kg) 32



The worlds first smart, simple and low-height industrial cleaning robot comes packed with the below features:

  • Fully autonomous
  • Continuous-learning SLAM navigation
  • Low-height design
  • Intuitive programming portal
  • Self-charging battery
  • Compatible with multiple docking stations
  • Lightweight design
  • Over-the-air software upgrades
  • Daily reporting
  • Integrated trolley handle
  • 12 month warranty




Contract Cleaning
Food and Beverage
Heavy Industry



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