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With countless brands and models available in the market today, the search for a new floor cleaning machine may be a daunting task. There are varied options to choose from these Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines such as a walk behind model or a ride on model; a battery powered unit or fuel driven one. Through careful assessment and research and weighing all of your options, and discussing these with an expert at Crescent Industrial, we will provide you with solutions and advantages, which will ensure that you are given the best floor cleaning machine for your commercial facility.
One of the options that need careful consideration is the fuel type you invest in. Some types of Commercial Floor Cleaner can work for hours, while others need time to get charged but do not involve much on fuel cost and maintenance. There are models that are freestanding and can go anywhere, while others require to be constantly connected to a power source. While opting for your floor cleaning machine’s fuel type, you need to consider whether you will be using the machine indoors or outdoors, your budget for the fuel cost and the frequency of the usage of the cleaning machine in your commercial space. Given below are various types of fuel used in floor cleaning machines:
The propane is a more expensive fuel option compared to other fuels, though it is less expensive than the conventional gasoline. Also, the propane buffers can be maneuvered with ease. The electric powered floor cleaner tied down by a power cord can run for an unlimited amount of time, unlike the battery powered commercial floor cleaners that must be recharged in between uses. While propane is considered a clean-burning fossil fuel, it emits some harmful toxins. In order to stay safe, use propane-powered machines outdoors or only in well-ventilated areas.
Battery Powered
The battery-powered commercial floor cleaning machines do not emit any harmful toxins, so they are safe to use in any situation. Also, the cordless battery sweepers and scrubber-dryers are much cost effective over time, because they charge on electricity. However, it is essential to know how long a battery powered floor cleaner will run once charged and how long it will take to recharge.
Electric (Power Cord)
Designed mainly for commercial use, the electric powered floor cleaners and the common models in use are the walk behind floor scrubber, walk behind floor sweeper, floor buffer and walk behind sweeper scrubber combo. As they need to be constantly attached to a power source, they cannot be maneuvered as easily as freestanding machines. Yet, these types of machines can be used whenever and wherever they are needed for an unrestricted amount of time.
All the above details involved in choosing the apt floor cleaning machine that fits your business needs may seem overwhelming at first. But once you spend some time to sort through the options accessible and how they fit your business requirements, you will find the perfect balance of fuel source maintenance and cost to fit right in to your day to day business operations.