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Topfloor – Industrial Sweeping Machines

Topfloor – Industrial Sweeping Machines


Topfloor industrial floor cleaning equipment brings a blend of modern day technologies, traditional solid build techniques and decades of manufacturing experience together, to clean floors and hard surfaces more efficiently and to a higher standard.

Topfloor means real, tangible benefits for you and your organisation including reduced environmental impacts of cleaning, a better lifetime cost in use and a safer, cleaner working environment to protect your products and personnel.

Features & Benefits of Topfloor Cleaning Equipment:

Topfloor philosophy captures simplicity in every aspect of machine build, performance and maintenance to reduce training requirements, create operator confidence and help deliver that hassle free cleaning experience.

An integral part of Topfloor standards is the straightforward supply chain network; easy access for parts and ongoing service assurance helps you achieve maximum benefit and lifetime use of your machine.

Topfloor means an uncompromising approach to component quality and machine build to give long term reliability helping to lower the cost of cleaning every day.

Greater quality commitment from Topfloor means fewer machine breakdowns. This helps eliminate distractions for you to focus on core business activities. Topfloor machines survive and thrive in even the most demanding of industrial applications.

Topfloor is a powerful key to safeguard your products from dust ingress or contamination and your personnel from slip or trip hazards. Topfloor machines are carefully designed and crafted to make best lifetime use of resources and minimise environmental impacts from manufacture, during operation and including disposal of machines. A longer machine life and a better power to weight ratio all make for greener cleaning.


View the range of TOPFLOOR Ride-On and Walk-Behind cleaning equipment:


TF91-TRS-TOPFLOOR Walk-Behind Battery Powered Sweeper TF110R TRS-TOPFLOOR Ride-On Battery Powered Sweeper TF130R-TRS TOPFLOOR Ride-On-Sweeper