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Top Stripping & Deep Stripping with a Topfloor Oscillating Orbital Floor Cleaner…

Strip up to four times faster using the Excentr method! Thanks to the 2,800 movements per minute and the high pad pressure, both top stripping and deep stripping have never been easier. The oscillating floor cleaner method allows you to dry-strip floors or to strip floors using only water or a traditional stripping agent.

When dry-stripping, you undoubtedly want to avoid the dust. We recommend you use the oscillating floor cleaner Splash & Dust Guard in combination with the Dust Control Vacuum. It stops the dust from swirling around and it sucks up around 50% of the dust on the floor. In some cases, the dry method has many advantages over wet methods. You have to use the pads with added diamond or aluminium oxide for stripping.

In our opinion, the wet methods are the most efficient. You use a minimum amount of water and no stripping agent. This has many advantages: no expensive stripper, no risk of burning or discolouring the surface, no need to neutralize the floor, no slippery floor, etc. You can choose to wet the floor first or you can apply the water directly from the Solution Tank. This method has many advantages compared to dry-stripping. The pad rinses itself and remains sharper for longer. Also, the wax that is removed floats on the water and can easily be removed with a wet vacuum cleaner as long as the floor remains wet. You have to use the pads with added diamond or aluminium oxide to strip correctly when not using a stripping agent.

The third option is the traditional method of stripping, using a solution of water and stripper. With this method, the solution is applied to the floor and allowed to penetrate, after which a hard, traditional pad is used to strip the surface. The main advantages of this method are speed, ease of use and the shape of machine that can be used.

Extreme layering or edges
In the case of an extreme layering or edges, the floor can first be stripped/ground with an open-structure grinding disc. Depending on the layering, use 60/80 grit or 100 grit to remove the first layers of polymer. Try to remove approximately 80% of the polymer. Next, use the method given above to ensure that you do not damage the floor with the open-structure grinding disc.

In the case of edges, you can cut the open-structure grinding disc to size along the long side and fit it on a normal stripping pad. Next, use the long side of the machine (sideways) to work along the edge so that only the edge is abrasively treated using the open-structure grinding disc.

Work carefully when using the methods described above. The surface may be damaged if you strip too far using the rough and abrasive open-structure grinding discs.

Type of floor Stripping method Pad Weights
Linoleum, Marmoleum,
  •  Strip Alu Pad
  • Diamant pad White
2 to 3 sets


Type of floor Stripping method Pad Weights
  • Strip Alu Pad
  • Diamant Pad White
4 to 6 sets
Wet (only water)
  • Strip Alu pad 
  • Diamant Pad White 
4 to 6 sets
Wet (with stripper)
  •  Diamant pad Yellow 
  • Topfloor Extreem Pad 
 4 to 6 sets
Problem floors
First, remove 80% of the polymer with a 60/80 grit or 100 grit open-structure grinding disc. Then, remove the
other 20% using the method described above. Grind any extreme edges with a 60/80 grit or 100 grit open-structure
grinding disc. Weight: 4-6 sets.