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There is no denying the fact that floors commercial buildings receive high volumes of traffic, which requires regular cleaning that can be tiresome and time consuming to accomplish using conventional methods.

The commercial floor scrubber-dryers make the job of cleaning the floors much easier than it would be using a mop & bucket! There are many types of applications, such as: Automotive, Construction, Contract Cleaners, Distribution Centres, Facilities Management & Maintenance Co’s, Food & Beverage Production Facilities, Government & Local Authorities / Councils, Heavy Industry, Manufacturing, Retail & Schools, Institutions & Places of learning, and other places that have large number of visitors on a daily basis, and therefore find this type of equipment extremely beneficial to perform the cleaning job in a hassle free manner.


Some of the precautions needed while using the scrubber dryer are:

Thorough checking of the machine before use.

Any item of cleaning equipment must be thoroughly checked before use so that the operator using it is certain that it is clean, safe and fit for the cleaning purpose. Where the scrubber dryers are put to use, the recovery tank must be checked for cleanliness and filters should be unclogged and squeegee blades must be checked for cleanliness and any defects to experience correct operation, and excellent cleaning results.

There are a number of reasons why it is very essential to dilute cleaning chemical concentrates precisely, as the most frequently observed situations is the impact due to the incorrectly diluted cleaning chemicals. It can cause slippery floors which is not good where floor care is the prime concern. Most often, it will dry to become sticky which means the floor will re-soil quickly, making daily cleaning a more tedious process. Moreover, the under-diluted chemical residue can clog up the internal components of scrubber dryers leading to further unnecessary downtime.


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