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Safe Industrial ATEX Vacuum Cleaners

Safe Industrial ATEX Vacuum Cleaners

According to UK regulations, hazardous dust Vacuum Cleaners are required wherever dust can potentially cause an explosive atmosphere. Ensuring you use the correct ATEX rated vacuum cleaner in a specified zone is vitally important, and this is part of Health & Safety in the workplace that should never be ignored.

“ATEX”, an abbreviation for “Atmosphere Exposable”, a set of European Union directives this at are implied to mark up the security and safety of products used in explosive environments.

While serving an industrial space, understanding the importance of maximising productivity, while ensuring safety of the people is not compromised. Keeping workers safety is a priority.

We propose explosion proof industrial ATEX Vacuum Cleaners, as a reliable cleaning solution from potentially explosive dusts in manufacturing plants, such as; starch, flour, textiles, sugar, cereals, wood dust, plastics, metal dust, fine coal. If there is a build up to a sufficient concentration of these substances when mixed with oxygen in the air, plus any ignition source, this can cause an explosion.

Using correct apparatus (Huuvan ATEX Rated Industrial Vacuum Cleaners) during operating activity will ensure the workforce is kept at harm from any dangerous explosions, such as a factory fire.

Features of Explosion Proof Industrial ATEX Vacuum Cleaners:

  • Engineered to prevent any spark or electric tension.
  • Ensures maximum operators safety.
  • Designed for use in industrial areas that are classified as a Gas Zone or Dust Zone.
  • The ATEX norms trials every individual vacuum cleaner before decreeing it as tested.
  • Anti-static filters, hose and accessories eliminates sparks and shocks.
  • Designed to collect perilous dust and debris without any risk of explosion.
  • H Class Filtration is made to filter 99.995% of the dust from the surface and collect it in dust bag or a cyclone for safe disposal.
  • Makes cleaning quick and safe, bringing less manufacturing downtime, and increased production time.
  • Cleaner filters increase airflow to the vacuum motors to extend life of the motors and reduce costs of ownership.
  • Compact, Transportable & Resistant Machines.

Crescent industrial are the UK’s leading provider of high quality Safe Industrial ATEX Vacuum Cleaner, heading parallel with the latest advances in cleaning technology. Offering additional efficient and consistent solution for customer requirements. It’s an undeniable fact, how the need of specialist cleaning technology has increased so far.

If you are looking for a reliable solution, to create a safe and clean working environment where hazards are in the area, then we suggest you make contact with a helpful Huuvan industrial vac specialist today to discuss your requirements on atex rated equipment.

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