Sustainable Walk Behind Floor Sweeper

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By time more industries are switching on to cleaning and maintenance solutions that rely on sustainable technologies. It has enhanced the demand for walk behind floor sweepers. These robust sweepers are an ideal choice for various cleaning tasks both indoors and outdoors.

The battery-powered walk behind floor sweeper requires far less effort for extraordinarily effective cleaning. It has strengths to make the area dirt and debris free around four times faster than a man doing broom.

Industries such as hospitality, food, health care, government, and manufacturing have believed in the walk-behind floor sweeper. Technology has made things much easier to clutch.  Innovative Tandem Roller System (TRS) allows you to collect cans, large litter, sheets of paper and fine particles from various areas.

Benefits of Floor Sweeper

Our floor sweeper machines unite the principles of a modular system with that of TRS extending the performance with added flexibility and comfort. The waste collection process, two brushes rolling against each other transfers the dirt directly into the waste container, improves the performance and dust extraction abilities of the floor sweepers.  They are suitable for both inside and outside cleaning, have a look at why:


The walk-behind floor sweeper is provided in with user-friendly controls you don’t need to spend much time and money in training the staff how to use it. Their features make them highly productive and performative.

High Standards of Cleaning

Consistency in high-performance cleaning is one of the best advantages of floor sweepers. Its powerful engines can clean factories, warehouses and your forecourts like small storage floors or car parks. Such is the kind of performance range it provides.

At Crescent Industrial, we offer a floor sweeper rental service for short term (minimum of 1 week) and long term (Min. of 12 months). You can also purchase one from our extensive range of 350+ seamless products ideal for your cleaning needs – why not watch a video demonstration of a sweeper below?