Looking for an industrial floor cleaning machine or a ride-on sweeper-scrubber-dryer?


Warehouses are greatly increasing in pedestrian and forklift traffic as buyers switch to online buying as a trend that has only increased during the months of the lockdown. A neat and clean warehouse is less susceptible to downtime from health and safety issues, slip and fall hazards and are a more enjoyable place to work in. Crescent Industrial carries a full range of warehouse floor cleaners like floor sweepers, floor polishers, and scrubber dryers to help you keep your warehouse in top condition.

Our advanced Nilfisk scrubber-dryer machines scrub and dry the floor in one pass and are typically used for warehouses with less debris and only minor surface dust; we have a selection from walk behind scrubber dryers to large and powerful models like the Nilfisk SC6000 ride on model. If you operate a distribution warehouse with high floor debris and higher forklift traffic, our combination sweeper-scrubber-dryer machines are the perfect solution for you as they sweep, scrub, and dry the floor in one pass.

If you just need a warehouse sweeper to hire or to buy, we carry many models of ride-on sweeper or walk-behind vacuum sweeping machines. The newest addition to our range is our FyBots robot warehouse floor cleaners – a robot scrubber-dryer model of this revolutionary piece of warehouse cleaning equipment is shown below and a video demonstration at the bottom of the page.

Warehouse Floor Cleaners

If you are unsure which floor cleaning machine you need for your warehouse, car showroom or customer car park or wish to book a demonstration, then please do contact us at Crescent Industrial and we will be glad to discuss your needs and set you up with the right machine – call 0845 3377695. Meantime enjoy our video of the latest German-made robot sweepers below: