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Industrial Sweepers

Industrial Sweepers | Crescent Industrial | Sweep up anything from Dust to Gravel. 

Crescent Industrial provide a comprehensive range of industrial Topfloor cleaning sweepers, including pedestrian and ride-on sweepers. They are ideal for use in industrial, commercial and outdoor environments. Our extensive range of industrial cleaning technology means that we have a solution for every application.

TF90-TRS - Pedestrian Topfloor Sweeper

  TF100R-TRS Ride-On Topfloor Industrial SweeperTF100-TRS - TOPFLOOR Industrial Pedestrian Sweeper









Whether you need to clean large or small floor areas, Crescent have a range of solutions to make it quicker and easier. Our industrial floor sweepers are easy to operate, and cover large areas in a short amount of time. They provide dust-free removal of debris and dirt from floors, leaving them clean and safe, ensuring the workforce can work productively.

Floor sweeping machines use a system of rotating brushes which sweep the surface debris back into a waste container, which can be removed and emptied. Filtration systems ensure that there are no unwanted particles left hanging in the air. We supply a wide range of pedestrian and ride-on floor sweepers, from compact pedestrian, to sit-on sweepers with cabs. The unique waste collection system on the TRS system ensures all the dirt is collected off the floor, leaving a neat, clean path behind it. For more details on the TRS (Tandem Roller System), click here.

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Industrial Vacuum Sweepers & Warehouse Sweepers | Hire / Purchase Today!

Construction & Building sites are known to be one of the most hazardous places for creating huge amounts of dust, which is inhaled constantly by people on, and surrounding the site. Therefore as a company, we provide industrial sweepers best suited for the construction industry, to keep dust down to a minimum. For more details on how we provide solutions on construction sites, click here!

Industries we continue to serve - Construction Sites

If you are currently looking for an industrial sweeper for your workplace, please contact us today, and we will be glad to discuss the options available with you. Crescent Industrial can provide you with the best professional commercial Sweeper Hire package, offering flexible hire periods, as well as next-day delivery at fantastic prices. Call: 0845 33 77 695.