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Floor Sweeper | High Performance Surface Cleaner

Floor Sweeper | Ride-On Sweeper | Walk-Behind Sweeper?

Crescent Industrial provides Industrial sweepers for use on all floor areas – helping you take the first step when automating the process of manual sweeping. This manual sweeper is a professional indoor and outdoor floor sweeper, sweeping 7 times faster than a conventional broom. The manual sweeper also controls dust and guarantees consistent, thorough results. Ideal for cleaning paths, halls and warehouses quickly and efficiently. The battery powered push sweeper is convenient for indoor and outdoor use, featuring the additional benefits of an electrically powered main roller brush and side brush. The machine is also supplied with an integrated extraction system for dust free applications.

We offer a large range of industrial floor sweepers, offering UK Nationwide coverage, along with a fast, friendly, efficient service at competitive prices!

industrial walk behind sweeper available for rent

Click here to find the right walk-behind floor sweeper for your cleaning task – whether it be cleaning the back of a trailer, or a distribution warehouse. The solution for you job is a Topfloor Floor Sweeper!

If you are unsure of what floor sweeper you need for your specific job, then please contact us today, and a Topfloor Area Field Specialist will be glad to visit your site, and recommend the right equipment for you. In the meantime, why not browse through the range available: 

Walk-Behind & Ride-On Sweepers available for hire from Crescent