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TF200R-GTX Topfloor Industrial SweeperIndustrial Dulevo Sweepers | UK Next-Day Nationwide Delivery | Available for Hire.

The Industrial Dulevo Sweepers are designed to work in very dusty environments. They are capable of picking up all kinds of dirt, from fine dust to large gravel. Dulevo sweepers are ideal for cleaning floors in heavy industrial applications such as construction sites and commercial factories such as brick manufacturers. If you are looking to hire an industrial sweeper, that can be used in public or logistic areas such as warehouses, loading docks, car parks etc, then these reliable Dulevo Sweepers are the right solution for your job.

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Features & Benefits of using our Dulevo Sweepers in your workplace:

The Dulevo sweepers have an excellent filtering system – designed not only to retain the finest dust up to 3 micron but also:

  • to allow a strong suction
  • to be very difficult to clog
  • easy to clean
  • to have a long lifespan.


Excellent high quality dust filtration: Gore® technology is the most outstanding dust filter as it performs:

  • better dust control (down to 1 micron)
  • better suction
  • easier maintenance
  • quicker and better sweeping results
  • low maintenance cost and very long durability.

The combination of Dulevo Sweepers and Gore® Filtration technologies make the industrial Dulevo sweeper range the best floor cleaning tools available to keep air, surfaces and human lungs free from dust and debris.

Ergonomics is a big plus of this rider industrial sweeper. Very few and simple levers make the machine pleasant to use and quick to learn.
Every detail of this rider industrial sweeper has been designed in order to obtain the best cleaning result and low running cost even from inexperienced users .The easy access to all components and the fully hydraulic technology makes maintenance simple and cheap.
Machines are available in Diesel, LPG, Petrol or Battery versions as well as a host of accessories to customize individual needs.

Some of the features:

  • Direct throw sweeping system for outstanding cleaning result even in demanding working conditions.
  • Heavy duty steel chassis.
  • Water cooled diesel engine to withstand hot climates and long working shifts.
  • Hopper garbage compacting system to increase hopper capacity.
  • Low maintenance, fully hydraulic function.
  • No electronics on board.
  • Side brushes automatically lift up whenever the sweeper is turned off. This avoid brushes deformation and increases brushes life (patented system).
  • No belts turbine drive requires no maintenance.
  • No tools needed to change main broom.
  • Easy access to filter for inspection and cleaning.
  • Powerful filter shaker.


Designed with innovation & robust construction, providing effective solutions for all applications and the unique large waste hopper make the Dulevo sweepers the perfect working tool for all seasons – everywhere – at any time – regardless of high or low temperatures, sun, rain or snow. Up to date technology and top-quality components ensure the high quality demands of the market – a guaranty of longevity.

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