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TOPFLOOR TF850R-SRS Ride-On Sweeper With Cab

The Top Floor TF850R road sweeper with cab is the ideal mini road sweeper or carpark sweeper hire option with UK-wide delivery and great comfort for the driver via the cab and easy to use controls. Comes with a large waste hopper capacity, providing longer use time out in the yard, car park or pedestrian footpath, for use in all seasons.

• Easy and simple to operate making it ideal for sweeper hire.
• Out board jet wash feature for heavy dirt and hard reach area


Small Road Sweeper – TopFloor TF850R-SRS

The TF850-SRS small road sweeper combines sweeping capacity with reduced dimensions and ease of maneuverability to deliver impressive cleaning results quickly it is a popular mini road sweeper hire option in our range of a dozen or more mechanical sweepers for hire.

This small road sweeper features a number of benefits including:

• Adjustable side brushes to max sweeping width of 1850mm
• Optional on board jet wash for ease of machine clean down
• Remote cleaning wand collects debris from inaccessible areas
• Optional reversing camera for safe operation in busy inner-city areas.

The Topfloor TF850R-SRS is known for being the most compact road sweeper of its class, while it’s still recognised for having excellent synergy of compact design, with superlative sweeping efficiency, and the sweeper comes with a large waste hopper capacity, providing longer use time out in the yard, car park or pedestrian footpath. The TF850R-SRS sweeper has been built with its modern design and innovative construction, providing an effective solution for all cleaning applications in all seasons.

Working Performance – The TF850R-SRS delivers maximum productivity due to the flexible adjustable working width of the side brushes, and it is highly effective at collecting material such as grit, sand and bulky debris with its unique, powerful suction mouth. The performance can also be increased by the optional and innovative recycling system. Also, with its large water capacity, this ensures the highest operating autonomy and helps reduce resetting times.

Comfort – The design of the TF850R-SRS compact road sweeper is best known for its ergonomic design making sure this sweeper provides operators comfort as a priority. As it has over-sized standard tyres, axle suspension, and ideal weight distribution, which ensures the user receives a balanced and safe drive-ability. The sweeper has been built with a powerful drive transmission to ensure it is safe to use in difficult weather conditions, and can also be use on low gradient slopes, and to help the driver; the sweeper also has hydraulically assisted steering to help assist and simplify complex manoeuvres.

Operations – The movement of the side brushes are controlled by a joystick, positioned at the arm rest, for easy and convenient control. The steering column is individually adjustable, and the control panel has a range of switch buttons with clear icons for ease of use, and to avoid operating errors.

Application – The motion of the side brushes have been designed to fully assist in providing excellent results when cleaning corners, gutters, and also for increasing the working width of the machine for increased results. The large fronted window provides the operator a vast viewing range, ensuring safety of the surrounding people are safe, on where the industrial floor sweeper is being used. Additional working tools, such as a high pressure unit and a manual suction hose can be fitted as an optional extra to enlarge the working spectrum, for further increased results.

Access & Service – The innovative modular design structure has been designed to simplify the access to all the important components on the sweeper, including the belt-driven components, and the removable side-mounted water tanks. Full parts lists and diagrams are available on request, as well as engineer service guides.

Cabin – The generous interior space of the cabin makes the machine an extremely comfortable workplace. Having the large windows on the cab allows the an all-round view of the full working area for optimum operator safety. The standard sweeper includes heated mirrors and air conditioning. The cabin has been carefully designed to make sure the operators are comfortable – the separation of the cabin from the main engine and motor, protects the operator from the noise, vibration, and from inhaling any harmful emissions.

Security & Safety – The safety of the operator and any people in the precinct of where the industrial floor sweeper is cleaning is the number 1 safety concern, and Toploor take this safety very seriously. To ensure the machine operator is compliant, all users are equipped with operator training before using the sweeper, as mandatory. The TF850R-SRS floor sweeper comes with a reverse camera with a colour screen in the cabin, which also has a warning beeper to provide a low hazardous working environment when the sweeper is reversing.

Environmental – Topfloor fully respect all UK, and EU emission regulations, and therefore have made sure the compact road sweeper has been designed to comply with them, including low noise and dust emissions, as well as low water and fuel consumption.

The TF850R-SRS sweeper is well known for having a superior filtration system for outstanding dust control, something like a huge industrial hoover.


Power Supply
Working width with main broom (mm) 1500 – 1850
Waste Container Capacity (m3)
Dumping Height (mm) 1420
Max Speed (km/h) 30
Cleaning Performance (m2/h) 22,000
PM10 Filtration (cm)
Dimensions – L x W x H (mm)
3400 x 1080 x 2070
Engine/Fuel Kubota/Diesel


Setting the benchmark for dust control in industrial applications

• Minimal filter maintenance required. The filter surface is impenetrable to dust particles meaning dusts remains on the surface of the filter rather than getting trapped in the webbing for a self-cleaning effect, even if there’s a total lack of maintenance.
• Over 99% filtration of PM10 particles.
• Consistent filter quality over time. Each filter comes with a 5 year guarantee – you never need to change filters again.
• Sweep wet debris without damaging the filter or loosing dust controls performance.
• 35% higher airflow compared to standard filters means powerful vacuum and better dust control.

Other features:

• Direct load sweeping system for exceptional cleaning results, even under particularly arduous work conditions
• Steel body suitable for heavy duty works
• Water cooled engines to ensure functioning in very hot climates and long periods of operation
• Power steering for a more comfortable and pleasant drive
• Compacting system inside container which increases collection capacity
• Little maintenance required as all functions are hydraulically activated.
• No electronics
• The hydraulic turbine does not require maintenance and guarantees powerful aspiration
• No tools required to replace the central brush




Contract Cleaning
Food and Beverage
Heavy Industry



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