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Sanding & Finishing with a Topfloor Oscillating Orbital Floor Cleaner…

The oscillating floor cleaning method makes it possible for a professional cleaner to treat a wooden floor. Thanks to the perfect balance and consistent pressure and movement, the risk of damage or of the method not being performed correctly are considerably reduced. Oscillating floor cleaning machines can be used to clean, sand and finish wooden floors. Always use the Dust Control Vacuum together with the Splash and Dust Guard to work without creating dust into the atmosphere to protect people from inhaling the dust.


In general, using the oscillating floor cleaning method requires less water than other methods. That is certainly an advantage for wooden floors, since they are often sensitive to moisture. Depending on how dirty the floor is, use either the Soft Micropad or the Hard Micropad to clean the floor. Moisten the pad until it is damp. Use the pad to clean approximately 40 m2/47.9yd2 and then turn it over. After use, the pads can be washed (make sure not to use a softening agent).


Sanding wooden floors is a very specialist task. The Topfloor Oscillating machines make this task a lot easier. The stability of the movement, the pressure and the performance make it reasonably easy to sand a wooden floor.


After sanding, the machine can be used to distribute and rub in various oils and waxes. A big advantage of the Topfloor Oscillating machines is that they cause less splashing. It is also possible to use the Diamond pads to mechanically seal the wood.

Type of floor Vervuiling Pad Weights
Wooden floors Light Soft Micro pad 2 to 3 sets
Heavy Hard Micro pad 2 to 3 sets



Type of floor Process Pad Weights
Wooden floors Sand lightly Stip Alu pad 4 Sets
Sand (in 1 step) Sia Sandpaper P100 4 to 6 sets
Sand (in 2 steps) 1) Sia Sandpaper P60
2) Sia Sandpaper P120
4 to 6 sets
(e.g. rubbing in oil)
Red or Pink 2 to 3 sets
Renovation (in 4 steps) 1) Sia Sandpaper P40
2) Sia Sandpaper P60
3) Sia Sandpaper P80
4) Sia Sandpaper P120
4 to 6 sets


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