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Rubber Tyre Mark Remover


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Rubber Tyre Mark Remover – 5 Litre

Remove black tyre marks quickly and safely, without damaging the floor! Our rubber tyre mark remover offers high quality cleaning without using of dangerous solvents. The compound is designed to be sprayed directly on to unsightly black marks left by tyres, simply agitate and within a few minute’s the rubber will start to liquefy and bond with the cleaning agent allow it to be simply wiped away.

Rubber tyre mark remover is suitable for all surfaces including concrete, epoxy coatings, altro flooring, tarmac, tiles, wooden floors and uPVC screeds. This has seen it find at home in a range of diverse locations including car parks, race tracks, squash courts, changing rooms and factories. While the compound is formulated to be effective on rubber it is non-corrosive so will not affect the surface being cleaned.

Supplied in a concentrated formulation so it can be diluted as needed. Once diluted (typically 1 part tyre mark remover to 1 part water) the formula can be sprayed directly on to the area to be treated. After a few minutes the area can be simply scrubbed, then mopped clean.

Many customers favour rubber tyre mark remover as it combines quick results with very low health and safety and environmental risks.

Fast Acting:
Rubber Tyre Mark Remover will start braking down rubber deposits up to 4 times quicker than its nearest rival. Its great penetrating power brakes down rubber build up with less scrubbing. These factors lead to a substantial reduction in cleaning time.

High Concentration:
Rubber Tyre Mark Remover is formulated to be diluted prior to use. This not only means that each bottle lasts longer, also the storage cost are reduced.

Health & Safety:
The FREN701 formulation carries a very low level of hazard compared to traditional floor cleaners. It contains no solvents, chlorinated or brominated hydrocarbons. This means it is non-flammable and offers no major risk in storage or use.

Environmentally Safe:
Despite its effective cleaning, EN701 rubber tyre mark remover is formulated to not pose environmental hazard. This means that that it does not require any special disposal arrangements.

No Specialist Equipment:
FREN701 can be applied with a trigger spay or a pressure spray depending on the size of the area to be treated. It can then be cleaned with either a mop or a floor scrubber. It is quick and easy to use and does not require any additional investment in expensive equipment.

Product Use:

• Suitable for all heavy duty scrubber drier machines and for general machine scrub applications, including car parks, race tracks, squash courts, changing rooms and factories.

Directions: (Please read the label on the container for full user instructions)

• Remove excess dust and dirt from the surface.
• Use NEAT or diluted 1:1 for heavy deposits.
• Dilute up to 5:1 (Max) with clean water for lighter deposits.
• For best results apply liberally using a pressure sprayer.
• Leave to work for
– a minimum of 5 minutes when used neat
– up to 20 minutes or longer if diluted 5:1.

Product Hazards:

• FREN701 is classified as Non-Hazardous cleaning solution, however as with any cleaning product personal safety precautions should be maintained.
We strongly recommend eye protection and vinyl/nitrile rubber gloves are used when handling this product.


Composition An advanced blend of the latest low foaming nonionic, anionic and amphoteric surfactants, alkaline builders, water softeners and a water soluble solvent.
Appearance Clear Liquid.
Colour Blue
Cloud Point
Stability 2 years in a unopened container.


Environmental Data:

Biodegradability: All surfactants contained in Crescent Chemical Products meet the requirements of the EU Detergent Directive 2005 – 2004/648/EC. This requires all surfactants to break down both quickly and completely into harmless material such as CO2 and water.

Crescent Environmental Charter:

• We minimise wastage, packaging and transportation.
• We set ourselves industry-leading standards.
• If it can be recycled, it will be recycled.
• Our chemicals policy exceeds regulatory requirements.
• We don’t expect other people to clean up after us.
• Conserving energy, preserving resources.
• By being innovative, we strive to do better.
• We like to work in partnership with our clients.

External Accreditations:

• 9001 – Quality System
• 14001 – Environmental System
• 18001 – Health & Safety System
• IPPC Certified Manufacturer


Product conforms with the DEFRA endorsed Sustainable Cleaning guidance.




Contract Cleaning
Food and Beverage
Heavy Industry



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