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Whether your commercial place is open to the public or just to employees, a well-maintained floor is of utmost importance. High-quality floor cleaning equipment will make a huge impact on the quality of your cleaning and the time it takes. One of the most useful machines for cleaning hard floors is the floor scrubber.

Both ride-on and walk behind floor scrubber are designed to be operator friendly and training can be provided if required. Also, they are easy to maintain but ride-on machines need careful handling, especially if used where people are walking around. If the machine needs to be operated by several different people, walk behind can be a good choice.

Walk behind floor scrubbers are designed to improve productivity. The effective use of water and detergent combined with an easy to use design makes the walk behind floor scrubber the best choice.

Why should You Use Walk Behind Floor Scrubber and Ditch The Manual Cleaning?

The more advanced scrubbing machine offers a highly flexible approach to floor cleaning, where the operator has control over the amount of water and chemicals usage. There is no denying that some high traffic areas of a floor will need a lot more intensive cleaning in comparison to lightly soiled areas. Instead of applying a uniform solution, floor scrubber can clean the surface with a less concentrated solution and less water. Hence, the floor is cleaned with less water and this is kinder to the environment.

Effective Cleaning
There are numerous ways to clean hard floors in which one of them is using a pressure washer, but this will leave the floor wet than manual cleaning. This will create safety hazards and more downtime as that particular area cannot be used until it had dried out. In factories, where machinery and walls require pressure washing to keep them clean, a scrubber dryer can be effectively used to clean the excess water, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Quick Cleaning
Walk behind floor scrubber can offer the fastest way of scrubbing and cleaning the floors of both medium and large sized facility. Just one pass over the floor and it is perfectly clean and ready to be walked on.

Less Manpower Required
It is difficult for workers to clean large warehouses, halls, schools, and hotels to name a few, especially if there are time constraints. But when you go for walk-behind floor scrubber can do the job of a team of workers in less time and requires only a single person to operate the machine. So, this equipment minimize the need of manpower and will do a far better job of removing dirt and floor dust.

Buying walk-behind scrubber from Crescent Industrial means you will get exceptional cleaning performance and reliability. This cleaning equipment feature durable construction. It provides the right solution for your cleaning applications with versatility that is unbeatable in the industry.