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Preparation with a Topfloor Oscillating Orbital Floor Cleaner…

The Topfloor Oscillating Floor Cleaning method is ideal for preparing surfaces! Examples include sanding/roughening a coated floor and removing coatings or glue residue. The machines are also often used to prepare PVC floors or remove an old PU finish so that a new finish can be applied. For this, we use bonded diamond pads, aluminum oxide pads, open-structure pads and sanding paper. For preparation work, the choice of weight is often decisive for the speed and quality of the work. A higher pressure often gives a better result. Since preparation work is often carried out dry, we recommend using the Dust Control Vacuum with the Splash & Dust Guard. .. ..

Type of floor Process Pad Weights
Coated concrete concrete PVC floor cast floor etc. Grinding and roughening hard surfaces (very abrasive) Sia Sandpaper 100 grit  4 to 6 sets
Grinding and roughening hard surfaces (abrasive) Diamant pad Red  4 to 6 sets
Removing PU (very abrasive)  Sia Sandpaper 100 grit  4 sets
Removing PU (abrasive)  Diamant pad Red  4 tot 6 sets
Removing PU (slightly abrasive)  Strip Alu pad  4 tot 6 sets
Removing glue residue (very abrasive)  Sia Sandpaper 60 grit  4 tot 6 sets