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TOPFLOOR TF205R-GTX Sweeping Machine

A heavy-duty outdoor sweeping machine that is built for rugged cleaning jobs in industry, shopping malls and building sites, we offer the TopFloor TF205R GTX machine on a hire or purchase option with full on-site support and training. Also excellent as a warehouse sweeper machine.


Ride-On Sweeper – TopFloor TF205R-GTX Outdoor Sweeping Machine

The TF205R-GTX industrial floor sweeping machine is a robust ride on sweeper that has been designed for operation in dusty environments. It can capture the finest of particles of dust up to gravel-sized debris.

Perfect for heavy duty applications, building sites, public picnic areas and tourist attractions, loading and unloading areas in warehouses and motorway services car parks.

This industrial floor sweeper has all the characteristics you would expect of a commercial sweeping machine, namely an ample waste collection container, exceptional sweeping performance, high power, and great aspiration.

Advanced Gore Filters Option:

In addition to the high-quality dust filters mounted as standard, the TopFloor TF205R-GTX sweeping machine can be fitted with an even higher performance filter from the Gore Corporation. This filter technology gives the best filtering results in the industry because of:

1) Improved dust control. (up to 1 micron)
2) Better aspiration.
3) Easier and more economical maintenance.

A Range Of Engine Options:

The TopFloor TF205R-GTX sweeping machine is available in the with a petrol and LPG engine, diesel engine for outdoor areas or as a battery-powered machine for indoor and outdoor sweeping.

Can be fitted with an range of accessories and extras so that it is exactly the right machine for your needs. With easy access to all components and an entirely hydraulic technology the operation and maintenance is made easy.

We have a team of floor cleaning machine specialists who will take you through each product and advise you on which sweeper machine is the best suited for your needs.


Power Supply
Diesel / Battery / LPG
Working width with main broom (mm) 1200
Working width with right side brush (mm)
Working width with 2 side brushes (mm) 1800
Max Speed (km/h) 12
Hopper volume(l) 450
PM10 Filtering(cm)
Dimensions – L x W x H (mm)
1560 x 1540 x 1370
Weight (kg) 745


Setting the benchmark for dust control in industrial applications

• Minimal filter maintenance required. The filter surface is impenetrable to dust particles meaning dusts remains on the surface of the filter rather than getting trapped in the webbing for a self-cleaning effect, even if there’s a total lack of maintenance.
• Over 99% filtration of PM10 particles.
Consistent filter quality over time. Each filter comes with a 5 year guarantee – you never need to change filters again.
• Sweep wet debris without damaging the filter or loosing dust controls performance.
• 35% higher airflow compared to standard filters means powerful vacuum and better dust control.

Other features:

• Direct load sweeping system for exceptional cleaning results, even under particularly arduous work conditions
• Steel body suitable for heavy duty works
• Water cooled engines to ensure functioning in very hot climates and long periods of operation
• Power steering for a more comfortable and pleasant drive
• Compacting system inside container which increases collection capacity
• Little maintenance required as all functions are hydraulically activated.
• No electronics
• The hydraulic turbine does not require maintenance and guarantees powerful aspiration
• No tools required to replace the central brush




Contract Cleaning
Food and Beverage
Heavy Industry



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