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Bakery & Food Manufacturing

Cleanliness, Hygiene are key for a efficient safe food producing environment.


Crescent Industrial offers a comprehensive range of Scrubber-dryers, industrial sweepers, industrial vacuum cleaners, and industrial pressure washers to help keep your manufacturing facility areas clean and safe.

Regular cleaning of production areas is paramount to not only ensure your organisations complies with hygiene standards, but also to give you:

  • Maximum hygiene over the full production line
  • No machinery downtime
  • Safe and clean floor
  • High-quality product

Daily cleaning of production lines, surfaces and the floor saves time and money. Industrial vacuum cleaners, scrubber-dryers and hot or cold water high pressure washers can make a difference. They  eradicate bacteria and germs, but also save money on extraordinary plant cleaning and prevent damage due to machinery downtime. This is also creates a more pleasant working environment.

You can be assured of efficient economical cleaning of larger areas with our individually adjustable vacuum sweepers and scrubber driers in various sizes and models. Our TOPFLOOR ride-on vacuum sweepers with the TRS cleaning achieves matchless cleaning results. The Topfloor Tandem Roller Sweep (TRS) system offers up to 45% increase in filter cleaning efficiency, which means you sweep everything first time.

When working in a production area with food products, raw materials and ingredients with the most diverse properties are combined. This results in a danger of cross-contamination that can grow with the complexity of this process, which you can only prevent through optimal cleanliness and hygiene. For the reliable removal of large quantities of dirt from conveyor belts, production systems and floors, our powerful Huuvan wet/dry atex vacuum cleaners with one / two / three motors, stainless steel containers and electronic filling level monitoring are the recommended as the solution.

Our machines are currently supplied into factories that work with:

  • Bakery & Flour Products
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Dairy Products
  • Meat Production
  • Fruit & Vegetables
  • Drink Products


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