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HUUVAN HV1100-ACS (B) 400 Volt, H Class, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

A heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaner for demanding dust and particle shifting tasks, this model from Huuvan has a 3-phase power supply and effortlessly handles dust, larger particles and metal filings in large volumes making keeping your building site or factory clean easier and quicker.

This model is not ATEX rated but we have a variety of machines in our range which are that you can view on this link.

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• Ergonomic and industrial design includes a complete cover for the side channel blowers protecting them from damage and reducing exhaust air movement.
• Whether you need high air speed or high air flow, 90mm, 70mm or 50mm accessories are available for different applications.
• Available in parallel configuration for higher airflow or series configuration for better suction of heavy materials or for longer distance cleaning.
• Ergonomic and industrial design includes a complete cover for the side channel blowers protecting them from damage and reducing exhaust air movement.
• Operate the machine as a stand-alone vacuum, or connect it to a fixed cleaning system for added flexibility.


Voltage 400V + 230V 50/60Hz
Filter Shaker System AUTO
Filter Class H Class / HEPA
Filter Efficiency 99.995 %
Max Depression Series Version: 500 mBar
Parallel Version: 320 mBar
Depression Valve Regulation Series Version: 460 mBar
Parallel Version: 260 mBar
Air Flow Series Version: 760 m3/h
Parallel Version: 1,000 m3/h
Power 11 Kw
Atex Certified This model is not Atex Certified
Atex Rating This model does not have an Atex Rating
Container Capacity (Ltrs) Longopac Bag System
Dimensions (Cm) 130 x 65 x H160
Weight (Kg) 311


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HEPA filter

HEPA H-class filtration collects submicron dusts at 99.995% efficiency, protecting the workforce from harmful respirable dusts (click here for an example comparison).

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Cyclone Protection

Oversize conductive filters are protected by a metal shroud and cyclone technology. This protects filters from abrasive materials and discharges static buildup to avoid becoming statically bonded to the filters.

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Quick Release

Change between accessories quickly and easily with the quick release accessories system.

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ACS Filter Cleaning

ACS (Automatic Cleaning System) self–cleans the HEPA filters whilst the machine is in use so you maintain optimum dust free cleaning. Users never remember to shake the filter again (click here for full details).

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Eliminate dust clouds when emptying the container : use the longopac self–seal bag system to protect users from exposure to dusts considered hazardous to health (click here for full details).

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Atex Certified
Choose Atex rated machines for operating in Zone 2 or Zone 22 areas where potentially explosive atmospheres could be present.
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Vacuum Turbine
Sturdy side channel blower vacuum turbines can be used for constant 24/7 operation with virtually zero maintenance.
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Connect to an interceptor tipper skip for fast bulk collection and added flexibility.




Contract Cleaning
Food and Beverage
Heavy Industry


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