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After years of experience in supplying industrial cleaning equipment at Crescent Industrial, we help our customers identify suitable equipment to deal with hazardous dust at their facilities. We have the latest collection of Huuvan vacuum cleaners suitable for use in explosive dust and ATEX zone 22 environments.

Our uniquely designed machines are quick and efficient in vacuuming dry dirt in large open spaces. The unique automatic filter cleaning system ensures constant high filtration, and optional cleaning heads assist you in efficient cleaning even in harsh operating environments.

For heavy-duty dust extraction, high specification HEPA filters are used to collect dust to 99.995% efficiency. To maintain continuous dust-free cleaning while the machine is in use, the ACS (Automatic Cleaning System) self-cleans the HEPA filters. ACS means the machine can maintain efficient cleaning performance in hazardous areas whilst working non-stop.

It is the tough industrial build of the machine that makes it well suited to picking up dry material such as dust and dirt at low running costs. With a set of additional special-purpose accessories and quick release accessories system, it becomes easier for the operator to maintain high cleaning productivity. The twin by-pass motors separate the vacuumed air from the motor and electronics to extend motor life and reliability, particularly when collecting damp products.

Our complete range of powerful industrial hoover are best suited for collecting   dust from  industrial facilities and are  available for rent and purchase across the UK. We provide reliable on site and remote customer support to help you choose the perfect equipment, and identify the best industrial hoover to hire. Our team of experts are always on hand to help you with technical support online and in person.