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HUUVAN HV110-MCS 110 Volt, M Class, Atex Rated Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning tasks are made easier for you with the Huuvan HV110 which has rugged build with 110 volt power and ATEX approval. This machine is part of a range of ATEX hoovers that will handle dust, particles and metal filings with ease and are safe to use in explosive atmospheres created by certain dusts, sugars, hydrocarbons or paint sprays.


The HV110-MCS Huuvan Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for the cleaning and handling of small and medium quantities of material, particularly in the chemical-pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, steel-plants & foundries, and milling industries. Its performance and maneuverability make it a valuable ally for effective cleaning. Built in industrial steel, its extreme compactness, simple functionality and powerful suction, are appreciated by those professionals who need effective and easy to handle, mobile industrial vacuum cleaners, and delivery the finest cleaning results.

This high performance suction unit, is powered by a 110v motor which has been designed for heavy duty continuous use in atex compliant zoned areas in the workplace, according to the HSE dust hazard regulations. All components on the machine (including the switch) are fully atex certified, ensuring safety for the user of the HV110-MCS Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, and safety for the people working in these hazardous areas. This model has been designed to provide constant cooling of the motor, so it can be used at all times, with no risk of it becoming overheated.

The filters are made with anti-static conductive polyester properties ensuring high filtration efficiency. The filter cleaning system allows the user to clean the star filter using the filter shaker lever, bringing simple operation to the user and ensuring optimum suction performance at all times. The HV110-MCS has a 40L removable waste tank, which is simple to access and remove by lifting the rear lever, which lowers the tank, and the waste can be safety disposed of. This vacuum is fitted with a filter clogging indicator and integrated manual cleaning system.

As one of the top-rated atex certified hoovers for hazardous dust, the HV110-MCS Huuvan industrial vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution for dust suction in areas where ATEX22-certifed equipment is required. The new brushless motorhead guarantees top suction performance and the highest safety levels for use in ATEX22 areas. Provided premium protection for the operator, and the surrounding workforce at all times.

What makes the HV110-MCS the No.1 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner:

• Compact, very easy to handle and transport.
• 100% steel construction.
• Simultaneous vacuuming of dust, liquids and solids.
• Waste Container: quickly detachable; 40 liters capacity.
• Comes complete with a 50mm∅ Vacuum Accessories Kit.

What is Atex?

ATEX Legislation:

An acronym for Atmosphere Explosive, the Atex Directive which became law in 2006 stipulates that areas where potentially explosive atmospheres could be present must be classified on the frequency and nature of the explosive atmosphere:

Frequency Potentially explosive atmosphere composition
Gas Dust
Permanent Zone 0 Zone 20
Occasional Zone 1 Zone 21
Infrequent Zone 2 Zone 22


Voltage 110v   50/60Hz
Filter Shaker System Manual Handle
Filter Class M Class / HEPA option
Filter Efficiency 99.95%
Max Depression Series Version: 500 mBar
Parallel Version: 320 mBar
Depression Valve Regulation Series Version: 460 mBar
Parallel Version: 260 mBar
Air Flow 215 m3/h
Power 1.1 Kw
Atex Certified Zone 22
Atex Rating II 3 D
Noise Level (dB) 72
Container Capacity (Ltrs) 40
Dimensions (Cm) 55 x 63 x H120cm
Weight (Kg) 55

Features and Benefits

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Cyclone Protection
Oversize conductive filters are protected by a metal shroud and cyclone technology. This protects filters from abrasive materials and discharges static buildup to avoid becoming statically bonded to the filters.
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Quick Release
Change between accessories quickly and easily with the quick release accessories system.
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Atex Certified
Choose Atex rated machines for operating in Zone 2 or Zone 22 areas where potentially explosive atmospheres could be present.
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MCS Filter Cleaning
MCS (Manual Cleaning System) self–cleans the filters whilst the machine is in use so you maintain optimum dust free cleaning. Users never need to remember to shake the filter again (click here for full details).
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Vacuum Turbine
Sturdy side channel blower vacuum turbines can be used for constant 24/7 operation with virtually zero maintenance.




Contract Cleaning
Food and Beverage
Heavy Industry


38mm General Cleaning Kit
50mm General Cleaning Kit
38mm General Cleaning Kit for Dry Vacuuming
50mm Conductive Cleaning Kit for Vacuuming



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