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Keeping the workplace clean is important in the modern commercial environment, so. Whether it is carpet, wood or tile flooring, selecting the right floor scrubber for maintaining your floors in the workplace is of utmost importance. Constant foot traffic inevitably tracks in dust, dirt and other allergens that just disrupt the workflow and appeal.

There are Many Reasons to Keep the Floor Neat and Clean in Which Some of Them are as Follows:

  • To get rid of stains, dirt, litter and obstructions
  • To prevent injuries that can be caused due to slipping or tripping
  • To remove grit and sand which scratch and wear down the surface
  • To eliminate allergens
  • Create a nice working environment for all personnel

Apart from the above-mentioned points, in factories and commercial premises, there are health & safety and hygiene considerations. This means floors should be properly cleaned, with no residue. Hence, sweeping or using an outdated mop and bucket isn’t good enough and would take far too long to do.

The most useful machine for cleaning floors is the floor scrubber, which not only cleans the floor but dries it as well. Floor scrubbing machines use mechanically driven brushes or pads which rotate to agitate a detergent solution into the floor. The dirty residue is collected by a system of squeegees at the back of the machine and simply vacuumed up into a storage tank for later disposal.

How to Choose The Best Floor Scrubber?

Floor scrubbers are available in different sizes and specifications. Choosing the right scrubber for your needs require to consider many factors.


Most scrubber dryers are designed to be operator-friendly and easy to use and maintain. But the larger, ride on machines require careful handling. If your floor isn’t too large and scrubber dryer can be operated by several different people, you might be better with a walk-behind machine. This is because an inexperienced operator would find it easy to use.

Noise Pollution

Another consideration would be the noise it makes. Factories or any other noisy place probably don’t mind the noise a scrubber makes. However, places like healthcare facilities need a lot of silence; you need a machine which is quiet in use. This is why the range of scrubber dryers from crescent industrial are perfect for all working environments, including offices, conference centres, swimming pools and much more, as they have been designed to be quiet.

Area to be Cleaned

A big scrubber cleans large wide open floor areas with a lot of ease. And, a small scrubber’s maneuverability may be what you need in areas with lots of obstructions. Therefore, it is important to choose the right size scrubber that suits the type of floor you have and the amount of space you are cleaning.

Floor Type

Tiles: A scrubber that has fine bristles attached is perfect for tiles. It can clean the dirt and debris with ease and keep your tiles shiny and scratch-free.

Concrete: This can be seen in garages, warehouses and other industrial spaces with a lot of heavy lifting that need a solid floor that doesn’t get damaged easily. With the passage of time, concrete can become stained. The best type of scrubber is the one that has stiff brushes that will clean the tough grime.

Hardwood: A floor scrubber with a softer brush will promote a polished look while avoiding scratches.
Your floor is an important part of your environment that needs to be cleaned frequently. At Crescent Industrial, you can find a floor scrubber that can help you create a cleaner, safer and healthier environment.

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