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It is important to find trained cleaning staff for the specific job you have, to ensure it is done correctly. Cleaning the floor yourself can become an arduous and tedious task – one which can take up a lot of time. It is simply best to leave this job to the professionals and hire a floor cleaner.

Professional cleaners have all the right equipment and cleaning agents for the job. From direct cleaning solutions to mild acids, a professional knows how to clean up a floor without ruining it and all in a short amount of time with little to lose. Different floors require different cleaning methods. Buying cleaning equipment can be quite a hassle. Hiring cleaning staff who have proper equipment just makes sense. All in all, in today’s world, it is best to leave things to a professional. Not only does it free up time, but also gets the job done in the best and smartest possible way.

Concrete Floor Scrubbers and Dryers – Go Easy on the Knees

Gone are the days of mopping a concrete floor by hand. A walk behind scrubber dryer, which is essentially an easy to manoeuvre vacuum scrubbing-brush takes away all the pain. and saving your knees. They have a fast roller speed which extracts the dirt from the surface, and they exert far more contact pressure than mopping by hand, which results in a stellar cleaning performance. The machines maintain the vacuum pressure even while moving back and forth across the floor. The quick, efficient cleaning will guarantee a clean floor in a short period of time, and as they are equipped with a heavy-duty squeegee, this ensures a dryer surface which makes sure the floor surface is safe and non-slippery.

A large variety of concrete floor scrubbers are easily available, with battery settings and eco-friendly models. The cleaning of dirty water is convenient and without any splash-back and models with auto-fill functions eliminate heavy lifting and tedious refills. There is quite literally no need to get down and get dirty while using the machine. With zero splash-back, easy refills and instant results, a concrete floor scrubber can do all that. Curved squeegee bars rather than straight handles wipe the surface cleaner and direct solution towards the centre of the squeegee more effectively, placing it where the suction is highest. With an ergonomic design, there is very little to lose.