All Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines
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Industrial Cleaning Equipment

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Breakdown Support on All Equipment

All Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines
Available for Hire and Purchase

UK Nationwide Delivery on All
Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Full Maintenance, Servicing and
Breakdown Support on All Equipment

All Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines
Available for Hire and Purchase

UK Nationwide Delivery on All
Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Full Maintenance, Servicing and
Breakdown Support on All Equipment

Floor Polisher Rental – TopFloor EX55-OCS Machine

Used for heavy-duty floor polishing, deep cleaning or wood floor sanding, this stainless steel floor polisher is a rugged industrial floor polisher that will make light work of your requirements! Popular for use as floor polisher rental machine for cleaning contractors.


The Topfloor EX55-OCS is the No.1 industrial oscillating floor cleaning and floor polishing machine. Made from stainless steel, it is robust and extremely effective, thanks to the 2,800 circular movements a minute. The perfect balance and the adjustable handle make this machine ergonomic and easy to use. Anybody can operate the machine, even without experience or technical skill.

Cleaning/Working Surface Area: 55 x 35 cm. The pad pressure of the Topfloor EX55-OCS is adjustable between a 37-120 kg / 81 – 265 lb. The pad pressure is increased or reduced in 12 kg/26.5 lb steps (one weight of 6 kg/13.3 lb per side).

Cleaning and Polishing floors with the Topfloor EX55-OCS is an extremely effective way of cleaning and maintaining floors. Our machines have been designed in such a way that they can easily reach into corners (for example, they have a rectangular shape). The pad makes 2,800 circular movements of approximately 1 cm/0.39 inch per minute. This makes the mechanical operation unrivalled. In contrast to, for example, rotating single-disc machines, the entire pad is always in contact with the floor. As a result, these machines have an extremely constant cleaning result and are very easy to use. This feature also makes it an ideal solution for the polishing of natural stone floors. The Topfloor Oscillating Floor Cleaning Machines are easy to operate and require no physical effort. The pressure applied via the pad can be adjusted up to 120 kg/265 lb, so that a quick and perfect result is guaranteed for every type of floor. Many different pads and accessories are available to ensure the best result for every type of floor.

There are various tools available to make optimal use of the machine’s versatility. For example, the machine can be used with a solution tank, a Splash & Dust Guard, dust extraction for dry operation, etc. The Topfloor EX55-OCS machines can also be connected to each other using the ‘XL Connector Tool’. A maximum of three machines can be connected to each other (to create a working width of 165 cm/64.96 inch). There is then no space between the pads. The machine is still ergonomic and can easily be moved by one user (during machine use).


Uses: Cleaning, deep cleaning, stripping, renovating, polishing, sanding and preparation work. The machine comes with: a 25m power cable, 2 sets of weights (4 weights in total) and a red pad.
Applications: Cleaning & Deep Cleaning 

Top Stripping & Deep Stripping

Renovation, Polishing and Maintenance of (Natural) Stone

Sanding & Finishing



Working Surface 55cm x 35cm / 21.6″ x 13.8″
Weight 37-112 kg (40-120kg with Water Tank) / 88-247 lb
Noise Level 64 dB
Cable Length 25m / 82ft
Movement 2800 x 7mm Per/Minute
Voltage 240v
Hertz 50 Hz
Power 1.1 kW
Protection Class IPX54
Distance – Motor to Floor 35 cm / 13.8″ inches
Distance – Handle to Floor 125 cm / 49.2″ inches
Distance – Machine Front to Back of Wheel 63 cm / 24.8″ inches


The Topfloor range of oscillating floor cleaning machines are renown for being high-end, innovative floor preparation machines, that offers products and concepts that operate according to the “oscillating method”. This method of operation has many benefits compared to the traditional machine cleaning methods. Discover the benefits:

The oscillating method takes the cleaning, stripping, polishing or renovation of floors to a whole new level. The level of effectiveness is unprecedented thanks to the 2,800 movements per minute and the maximum pad pressure of 140 kg.

The perfect balance makes working with the Topfloor oscillating machines simple and easy, as you can move the machines in your desired direction without encountering almost any resistance. The adjustable handle makes for a responsible posture, and helps prevent back ache and fatigue.

Fully blasted stainless steel, extra heavy eccentric, and extra heavy rubbers, are a few of the points of emphasis that we have consciously incorporated into our designs in order to get enduring machines.

With the oscillating cleaning method you can, often without adding any cleaning agents or chemicals, do any of the following:
– Clean
– Strip & polish
– Renovate & prepare
– Remove paint, coatings, adhesive residue, etc.

Benefits of the ‘Oscillating Cleaning Method’:
– Significantly better results within shorter period of time
– Unmatched mechanical effect
– Much higher productivity compared to traditional principles
– Easy for anyone to use in a simple and very ergonomic manner
– Rectangular pads work against the skirting boards as well the corners
– Very versatile in terms of application
– Absolute problem solver
– In many cases free of chemicals or with a small addition of water
– Less water splashing around
– You yourself determine the weight and therefore the pressure on the pad or brush






Contract Cleaning
Food and Beverage
Heavy Industry



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