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The cleanliness of your facility plays a vital role in improving the health and safety by reducing dust, chemical residues and bacteria from the surfaces we encounter every day. Clean buildings can also improve the productivity by minimising time lost due to sickness and injury and also by improving workforce morale.

Therefore, the need for specialist cleaning technology is growing. There are many cleaning equipments and a bad choice can lead to a machine that gives you headache with regular breakdowns. However, scrubber dryer is gaining huge momentum.

Industrial scrubber uses mechanically driven brush to clean the dirt with the help cleaning chemicals. The cleaning solution is dispensed from a tank. The residue is collected by a system of squeegees which is deposited into a collection tank for later disposal.

Are you thinking about using a scrubber dryer for cleaning the floor in your commercial property? Here are some things you should take into account beforehand.

Cylindrical or Disc

Cylindrical scrubber dryers are equipped with two rotating brushes that clean the floor. They are capable of cleaning on rougher surfaces and tackling soiling and entrenched dirt.

Disc scrubber dryers come under the category of versatile machines. It allows you to change the cleaning pad to suit different floor types. If there is a need to clean different floor types, this is your best option.

Walk or Ride-On

Earlier, there used to be a huge difference in price between walk-behind and ride-on scrubber dryers. But, with the new range of reasonable and smaller ride-on, the gap has significantly reduced.

Please note that ride-on machines are perfect for larger areas (3000m2) and for smaller areas (less than 3000m2), walk-behind would be suitable. An average run time is of 4 hours for both types of machine.

Proper maintenance

Lack of proper maintenance is the biggest of break down and problems. Hence, it is crucial to empty the dirty water and clean everything thoroughly. Keep the squeegee blades and hose clean. It is good to have the machine checked once a year by an experienced service engineer.

Extra Features

There is no denying that the more add-ons and accessories you have, the more it increases the cost. This means that you need to carefully notice whether or not you strongly want that extra traction, chemical dosing system or fancy nozzles.

Choosing a scrubber dryer is a big decision as efficient floor cleaning is an essential part of any cleaning regime in industrial and commercial premises. But you no longer need to worry, as the team of experts at Crescent Industrial, a UK nationwide provider of industrial floor cleaning machines, are always on-hand and more than ready to assist you, with all types of enquiries, whether its large or small, high or low, Crescent Industrial offer scrubber-dryer for all floor cleaning applications.