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In industrial environments such as brick kilns, factories, quarries, and building sites, workers are often exposed to fine dust, also known as silica dust, which is becoming recognised as a real health hazard. It is essential to use a HEPA H-Class industrial vacuum cleaner that can collect sub-micron dust with 99.995% efficiency to protect your workforce. Silica dust is too fine to be observed through your naked eyes but has proven to be hazardous to health if inhaled.

Constant exposure to such harmful material like silica dust can cause lung cancer or other severe diseases, such as silicosis. We offer ATEX vacuum cleaners designed to overcome the safety hazards caused by fine dust and the risk of fire or explosions.

Our industrial hoovers deliver the highest level of protection while cleaning the collected dust. The 90mm, 70mm or 50mm accessories are provided for numerous applications no matter whether you need high airspeed or high airflow.

With Huuvan you benefit from the ACS (Automatic Cleaning System) feature that cleans the HEPA filter on its own by shaking off the caked dust into the waste bin. This means you can continue vacuuming with optimum dust control without thinking about cleaning filters again and again. This also means that managers know employees are safe.

Workers will never be exposed to the hazardous silica dust if equipment is all used correctly, as stated in the operator’s manuals. Where 1 gram of silica dust passes through the filters of normal (L Class Rated) vacuum cleaner, collecting through (H Class) vacuum cleaners filters even the finest of fine particles to 0.005 grams and gets it exhausted easily into our Longopac bag system, ensuring the hazardous dust is kept always contained.

Huuvan vacuum cleaners from Crescent Industrial work as a piece of standalone cleaning equipment for industrial spaces. If you are one of many people, finding it difficult to deal with silica dust contact us we can recommend and provide you with the best equipment required for your specific cleaning need, in any dusty environment.